Sound Remedy Releases Most Impressive Song To Date With “Victory” Ft. EVVY

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Sound Remedy Victory

Sound Remedy is a producer we've been featuring for years, starting with his Nirvana and Neil Young bootleg remixes back in 2012 and he has not stopped since. The man best known for his remixes has definitely stepped up to the plate with his latest original "Victory" featuring vocalist EVVY. The song blends elements of melody, dubstep, indie, and electro all at a mid paced 112 bpm tempo that could only be described as Remedy's signature sound.  The song is full of upbeat melodies that lay perfectly with EVVY's vocals adding up to potentially the strongest Sound Remedy original song to date. If he has more tracks like this in the works the electronic world is in for a real treat. You can pick up your copy of the song through iTunes where it is now available. Enjoy! 

Sound Remedy – Victory (feat. EVVY) | iTunes

[PREMIERE] Alma – “Avalanches” (Produced by Kill Paris & Sound Remedy) Through Kill Paris’s New Record Label ‘Sexy Electric’ : Melodic Dubstep / Electro-Soul

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Corey Baker aka Kill Paris, the soulful producer has been killing it with unique gritty yet sexy sounding productions as well as non stop touring which has led to him starting his own record label, appropriately named Sexy Electric. While the next Kill Paris EP is still coming out on Skrillex‘s OWSLA, he is here today with the first track from the label, from his new artist Alma.

We have heard her voice on Kill Paris’ ‘Falling In Love’ single  from his first OWSLA EP earlier this year. For her first solo single “Avalanches” both Kill Paris and Sound Remedy have been enlisted to take care of production duties. You can hear the different styles distinctly as the melodic dubstep sections come from Sound Remedy, and the gritty electro-soul drop right in the middle from Kill Paris.

Alma – Avalanches (Produced by Sound Remedy & Kill Paris) | Free Download

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SHEL – When The Sky Fell (Sound Remedy Remix) : Indie / Electro [Free Download]

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Coastal California native Sound Remedy newest remix will provide you a strong dose of music relief. Following his massive dubstep rendition of London Grammar’s ‘Wasting My Young Years’, Sound Remedy returns with a subtle electro house touch up of SHEL‘s folk inspired ‘When The Sky Fell’. The relaxing set of vocals go well with the synth and bass additions as Sound Remedy delivers another golden touch. Stream the remix below and grab a free download to to go. Enjoy

SHEL – When The Sky Fell (Sound Remedy Remix) Direct Download | Free Download

London Grammer – Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix) : Chill Indie / Dubstep Remix [Free Download]

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Sound Remedy is back with another tastefully done remix this time taking on “Wasting My Young Years” from London based trio London Grammar. We get left with a chilled out dubstep song propelled by the incredible voice of lead singer Hannah Reid reminding me slightly of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. The bass comes in ever so softly letting the vocals and guitar shine through carrying out passion of the original. Grab the free download and enjoy!

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download | Download

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Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Sound Remedy Remix) : Indie / Trap / Dubstep

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Here is the latest incredible free download from Sound Remedy. Today he remixes “Killing Switch” from electronic indie act Last Lynx, bringing elements of dubstep and trap, set at a mid tempo. The result is really incredible and has gotten better with every single listen. The vocals collide with the fresh drums and synths so perfectly. There is just enough bass to get you moving, yet never gets overwhelming. With every track Sound Remedy makes, he just keeps getting better. Grab the free download and turn this up. Enjoy!

Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download

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Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) : Must Hear Unique Slow Paced Melodic Indie Electronic / Dubstep Remix

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Sound Remedy is back with another incredible smooth melodic bass filled remix. He’s the guy who’s been able to conquer dubstep, trap, moombahton, electro, and just about every genre. Some of my favorites from him recently have been his trap remix to Crystal Castles “Baptism”, and his dubstep take “Noosa – Walk On By” and “Band of Horses – Funeral”. Well for his latest he deciedes to take on “Let’s Go Home” from up and coming Cleveland based band Carousel. The soft vocals from Carousel’s front man get you hooked into the track, then Sound Remedy paints a space themed soundtrack of filled with synths, drums, and some upbeat energy that will have you smiling and dancing along. I don’t really know what  genre to call this.. It’s got a 105 bpm speed, with parts reminding me of some dubstep songs. All I know is that it makes me move. He’s also giving it aways for free download.. which is always smart. I have it on repeat and can’t wait for the next track from Sound Remedy. Enjoy!

Carousel – Le’ts Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download

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Crystal Castles – Baptism (Sound Remedy Trap Remix) : MASSIVE Trap / Dubstep Remix

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Crystal Castles.. get’s remixed into a trap / dubstep bomb. Sound Remedy, the guy who’s been featured for countless remixes on the site seriously destroyed this one. From the get go the sampling of the original synths is just insane. Enough talking, turn up the bass, enjoy!

Crystal Castles – Baptism (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download

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Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix) : Must Hear Indie / Dubstep / Electronic Remix

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Noosa - Sound Remedy Remix

Noosa.. not the delicious greek yogurt.. the new indie singer who reminds me a little of Eliie Goulding and Adele gets an insanely well done remix to her song “Walk On By”. It’s by Sound Remedy, the guy who’s made HUGE remixes of other tracks like Neil Young’s Old Man and Band of Horse – Funeral. This track is incredibly good, the smooth vocals mixing with a melodic bass lines provides an epic combination that works great. It sounds like dubstep.. but faster.. After a few listens your going to have a hard time hitting stop. Enjoy!

Noosa – Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download

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