The Kings Dead – The Reunion (Ft. Sebastian Mikael) : Hip-Hop [TSIS PREMIERE]

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The Kings Dead, formerly known as The Dean’s List release the first single off their upcoming mixtape following up the TSIS sponsored free album Jeruselam. “The Reunion” features some production from Mendoza who combines acoustic and electronic elements. The chorus are some smooth lines delivered by Sebastian Mikael. The chemistry of Sonny’s rapping and the smooth vocals over the dope production really shows how they have progressed into a group set out to define their own sound. As they have told us, “We have changed only grown”. This is off their upcoming Revenge of the Beast mixtape, see artwork below.

The Kings Dead – The Reunion (Ft. Sebastian Mikael) | Direct Download

The Kings Dead – Mighty California (Music Video) : Fresh Artistic Hip-Hop Visuals [TSIS PREMIERE]

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The Kings Dead continue to show that they are a very different group from from their past name, The Dean’s List. Following up the release of their recent TSIS sponsored free album Jeruselam , the’ve got some startling visuals to ‘Mighty California’, one of my favorite songs off the album. The video has some powerful imagery, showing Sonny and what looks like prostitues, guns, kids with guns, Sonny tied up, and an eerie ending. It’s very interesting and made me re-watch a few times. The guys said that the video is supposed to be left up to the viewer to interpretate. Enjoy. What are your thoughts on it?

The Kings Dead  – Mighty California | Download on Jerusalem Free Album

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The-Kings-Dead---Mighty-California Music Video

The Kings Dead – Jerusalem (Album): Full Free Hip-Hop Album (Formerly The Dean’s List) [TSIS SPONSORED]

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The Kings Dead, formerly The Dean’s List have reformed and created a more mature sound, releasing a few singles, all leading up to the release of their debut new album Jerusalem. The incorporate countless different styles and have some amazing production with some rapping with lyrics a little more substantial then college parties. We couldn’t be more happy to have sponsored this release for free download, on top of it being on for sale on iTunes. Every single song is a journey, touching on some different topics. We picked out a few favorite tracks, but defintely don’t miss the entire thing. Enjoy!

The Kings Dead – Jerusalem (Entire Album) | Datpiff Download

The Kings Dead – Mighty California

The Kings Dead – Not For Me

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[TSIS PREMIERE] The Kings Dead aka The Dean’s List – Sour Apple Rich Girls (Music Video) : Must Hear Hip-Hop Song + Incredible Video

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Hip-Hop group The Dean’s List has recently reformed into The Kings Dead, expanding pas the original college fanbase, and incorporating film heavily into the project. We featured “Hennessy At Cookouts” which was a unique laid back hip-hop track with fantastic visuals. Now we have the premiere of “Sour Apple Rich Girls” which may be my favorite so far. This is off their upcoming project Jerusalem which is coming out in just a few days on September 17th, and we are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring the EP. The production to the rapping to the visuals that were filmed, directed, and edited by the group themselves under new aliases are nothing short of incredible. I haven’t been this excited to be sponsroing a project in awhile. They’re saving the download for this one till the whole EP drops in a few days, so replay this for the next few days. UPDATE: Jerusalem the free album just dropped, grab the download here. enjoy!

The Kings Dead – Sour Apples Rich Girls | Download on Jerusalem Free Album

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