The Underachievers Announce Sophomore Album And Release New Single “Take Your Place”

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The "beast coast movement" rap crew out of New York with Joey Bada$$ & the Pro Era Crew, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers, have cotinued to become an ever growing force with every single release. This Flying Lotus approved, Brainfeeder signed hip hop duo has announced a new album out this fall titled Evermore – The Art of Duality alongside a massive worldwide tour. 

This new track “Take Your Place” brings an hard-hitting, menacing beat produced by Mr Bristol and shows a more matured sound from the duo. The verses are relentless throughout the 3 and a half minute track that will have you anxiouslly waiting for what's next with this release. Listen to the stream below until the download is available. Enjoy.

The Underachievers – Take Your Place | Stream Only

Underachievers Take Your Place

The Underachievers Unveil Colorful Tripped Out Music Video For “Amorphous (Feat. Portugal. the Man)”

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The Underachievers - Amorphous (Feat. Portugal the Man)

Last year we were treated to the unexpected collaboration between rap duo, The Underachievers, and indie band Portugal. The Man on their track “Amorphous,” and now we get the visuals to go along with the music in a brand new music video. Members of The Underachievers, AK and Issa Gold, are seen in the video shot at Washington Square Park in Manhattan with a crowd gathering as a live news feed is simulated. As most things The Underachievers are involved in, at the end you leave feeling a little eerie and tripped out. This song is available on the group's breakout album, Cellar Door, on Flyo's Brainfeeder label. Enjoy!

The Underachievers – Amorphous (Feat. Portugal the Man) (Official Video)

Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers Release “Butterfly Effect” as New Supergroup Clockwork Indigo

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The supergroup comprising of Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers was bound to come together sooner or later. Both of these rap groups come out of the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn, and rep the Beast Coast movement alongside Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era collective.

The groups have joined forces as the 5 man super group Clockwork Indigo and have dropped off their first song “Butterfly Effect”. Production from Eric Arc Elliot evokes the perfect eerie vibes as a shrill, crackly loop sets the tone on the seven-minute beat as the five rappers trade some unruly verses. 

Clockwork Indigo – Butterfly Effect | Stream Only

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.10.08 PM

The Underachievers – The Lords of Flatbush (Mixtape) : Amazing Hip-Hop [Free Download]

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Two two piece Brooklyn based hip-hop group The Underachievers are back with their latest release, The Lords of Flatbush. It’s an 8 song mixtape produced by legendary hip-hop producer Lex Luger that ventures into more universal hip-hop tracks then their more experimental debut mixtape Indigoism. Working with Lex has completely shifted their sound that will allow them to have a far larger fanbase. The entire thing was great, but my favorite tracks from the mixtape would have to be “Still Shining” “Leaving Scraps”, “Melody Of The Free” and “Cold Crush” . Don’t sleep on this project, as this is just the beginning of a bright future for this duo. Enjoy.

The Underachievers – The Lords of Flatbush | Direct Download

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The Underachievers – Indigoism (Mixtape) : Must Hear Lyrical Hip-Hop Mixtape [Brainfeeder]

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The Underachievers made up of the young duo of AK and Issa Dash based out of New York have just released their debut mixtape Indigoism.  The are apart of the Beast Coast Movement alongside Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era collective, Flatbush Zombies, and the A$AP Mob, who are all collectively helping prove that real hip-hop is both alive and on the rise. Although the group is based out of NY, they have signed with indie label Brainfeede based out of LA, founded founded by beat music legend Flying Lotus. Indigoism is instantly a release that stands out amongst all the noise that gets released so regularly. For all 17 tracks of their first tape to have so much flow filled wordplay and on point lyricism, other rappers should be scared. We got to sample Herb Shuttles and The Mahdi, and there are a few other stand out tracks like Gold Soul Theory, T.A.D.E.D., Leopard Sheppard, Maxing Out & So Devilish. You would be doing yourself wrong if you did not pick up the whole tape and fall in love with it. Enjoy

The Underachievers – Indigoism (Mixtape) | Direct DownloadAlternate Download

The Underachievers – Gold Soul Theory

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The Underachievers – The Mahdi (Music Video) : Must Hear Chill Hip-Hop

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We first posted The Underachievers with their definitive single “Herb Shuttles” and have just followed it up with another smoke induced video for “The Mahdi”. The lyricism and overall flow of this duo is insane, paired over a dope beat and it’s a chilled out hit. It shows the New York group on the other side of the country. This is a off the groups’ upcoming mixtape Idigoism coming out February 1st. Enjoy!

The Underachievers – The Mahdi | Available February 1st

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Check out the previous single with free download “Herb Shuttles”

The Underachievers – Herb Shuttles (Music Video) : Must Hear Hip-Hop

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Say hello to The Underachievers.. the dopest new hip-hop groups I have heard in a while. This collective is based out of NYC.. and have only been putting out music for less than 9 months.. yet sound like true veterans in the game. The last time I was this excited about a rapper was Joey Badass or A$AP Rocky. The song is called “Herb Shuttles”, and it is going to get you hooked. This is that song you will be coming back to replay, over and over. The video shows really conveys the rawness of the track. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Time to abuse that replay button. Enjoy!

The Underachievers – Herb Shuttles | Download

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