Watch A$AP Rocky’s Extra Trippy New Video For “Jukebox Joints”

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A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has been venturing into the trippy, far out side of the musical spectrum with his latest album At.Long.Last.A$AP. We saw an acid themed music video for the song “LSD” earlier this year and today get another equally spacey video. He brings one of the hottest tracks from the album to life “Jukebox Joints.” We see scenes of Rocky and crew doing what they do best in London making stops at a diner and even a house party, which is all delivered in a unique trippy style.

Kanye West doesn’t make an appearance in the video, as this is a music video version of the song without his verse unfortunately. Watch the video after the jump.

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Mod Sun – My Hippy (Music Video) : Trippy Electronic Hip-Hop Video [Free Download]

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Mod Sun, the hippy making his way in the hip-hop world who is also the headliner off the upcoming TSIS spsonsored Road Trippin’ Tour recently dropped his trippiest video yet. It is for a fresh new track “My Hippy” which blends a bass pounding edge electronic with some impressive smoke inspired lyricism. Unique is an understatement for taleneted Mod Sun.He has managed to take countless sounds and styles, throw them in a pot and end up with a catchy unique result that stands out. The music video done by Talkboy TV matches the trippy track. From the visual effects to Mod to the strobing bright colored backgrounds.. you can’t ask for a more fitting video. Turn it up and enjoy.

If you live in the U.S. check out the contest here  to win a chance to see Mod Sun in your city, watching on stage with a friend!

Mod Sun – My Hippy | Direct Download

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Diplo – About That Life (Jahan Lennon) (Music Video) : Trippy Indie / Folk Music Video

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Just as trippy as the audio that was just released for “About That Life”  by Diplo featuring guest vocals from Jahan Lennon. The video takes me just as much by surprise, kicking up the trippy meter a couple notches, in all the best ways. Diplo captures hippy 70’s era vibe through camera shots, editing effects, and it works unbelievable well, leaving you with a warm feeling. I’ve played the song countless, times, and have already started replaying the video. Diplo never disappoints, even when he drops a song that sounds nothing like the stuff he has out. Enjoy!

Diplo – About That Life (Ft. Jahan Lennon) | Download Audio

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Mac Miller – Trippin’ Out: Real Chill Sick Hip-Hop

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Mac Miller has only been blowing up since the release of his K.I.D.S. mixtape, and he dropped a new chill, as he called it “trippy”,  track a few months back in spirit of Halloween. It’s a very mellowed track that is kind of tritppy ha. It’s not the happy go lucky Mac like in most of K.I.D.S., but it’s still very sick nonetheless. Check out this chill song and enjoy!

Trippin’ – Mac Miller | Download

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