Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 10 Pre-Game Edition : Electro / Trap / Dubstep / Hip-Hop [Free Download]

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Krewella are back with the latest hour long Troll Mix and for Vol. 10 they have crafted a Pre-Game Edition mix, which all of you can enjoy. Packing over 40 different songs seamlessly into a high energy hour long mix, it's impossible to get bored. They bounced around from dubstep, trap, drum & bass, electro house, hip-hop and more featuring artists from big to underground for a mixture of tracks that meshes so well. Stream and grab a free copy below!

This mix features the song "Ocean Avenue (Kasum Remix) – Yellowcard", which was a winning track from our Krewella Trollmix Submission Contest where we had you all submit your tracks and vote on which one should make it on the next Troll Mix. The contest has been continued, so you can still submit tracks and vote for a chance to be on the next Trollmix. 

Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 10: Pre-Game Edition | Free Download

Krewella Release Bass Heavy Jingle Troll Rock Mixtape with Download (Troll Mix Vol. 7)

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Krewella - Jingle Troll Rock Mixtape artwork

The trio known globally as Krewella are back with a brand new installment of their Troll Mix series which has hit lucky number 7. This holiday themed Jingle Troll Rock Mixtape is a hour of heavy tunes the group loves to play live during their perfomances. Sit back and tune-in as dubstep, electro, and drum & bass are all mixed seamlessly. Stream and download below and look at the track-list underneath. Enjoy.

Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 7 JingleTroll | Direct Download

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Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 5 Get Wet Edition : Hour Long Mix [Free Download]

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Krewella are fresh after releasing their debut album Get Wet, which made it’s way to the Top 10 in the US Billboard album rankings. What better then to celebrate then with the latest volume of their Troll Mix series, this time being the first ‘Troll Radio’. The mix features a ton of the originals from the album, including a Gareth Emery collaboration ‘Lights & Thunder’, and a slew of HUGE remixes. Listen below and grab the free download via ‘pay with tweet’ and also make sure to pick up most the songs in the mix through their new album Get Wet.

Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 5 | Free Download (Pay with Tweet) | Grab their new album ‘Get Wet’


Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 4 Get Ripped or Die Trying : Huge Mix [Free Download]

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Krewella drop off the latest installment of their Troll Mix series with Vol. 4 Get Ripped or Die Trying in spirit of all those training to look their best at the beach.. or their favorite rave. It features a whopping 47 tracks this time spaning over dubstep to electro house and drumstep trap and too many anthems to count. The mixing is incredible and you will easily get lost in the non stop mix. Enjoy another free download by simply giving them a facebook like. Enjoy!

Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 4 Get Ripped or Die Trying | Download | Alternate Download

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