Meet The Kids Who Actually Snuck Into Kanye’s Album Listening Party Wearing Chef Outfits

kanye listening party

Kanye West took over the internet last week with his epic listening party he held in Wyoming for his album Ye. Despite the event being invite only, some who weren't supposed to be there managed to make it into the exclusive event. This article Highsnobiety put together highlights a 17-year-old kid who "finessed" his way in, which was very cool, but turns out he was put on the guestlist, so it wasn't much of an adventure story.

Well luckily I discovered a bigger adventure then I could have realized. I happened to be scrolling through the comments of that post and someone caught my eye. This young fan posted "this is how I *actually* finessed my way in" wearing a chef outfit and I died laughing. After looking at his Facebook page and seeing a video of him actually at the party I decided to dig further and get in touch with this legend.

 matty comment

I learned that Matty, age 21, and his friend Sam, age 19, drove up from Denver with an insane plan to get into the party wearing chef outfits.... and it actually worked. We were able to speak with Matty who told us the exclusive story with full details and it turned out to be absolutely incredible and inspiring adventure.

See our interview below.

Were you already in the area or did you travel to get there?

Drove 10 hours from south Denver.

I dressed up as a chef to get a in.

What was your plan exactly? 

We set out to Jackson Hole at 4am Thursday morning. The night before on twitter I was searching hashtags and found about 5 people who leaked that they were going.

So I followed them on everything. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Basically anywhere we could pick up clues to how to find the venue.

Once there we drove straight to the airport. We walked around for about an hour until a private jet flew in and then our twitter blew up with people landing and taking pictures. The hashtag #ProjectWyoming quickly popped up.

Then everyone rolled out of the airport in about three private Mercedes vans and a bus. We followed them to the main hotel where kanye was housing everyone.

 matty and sam

Sam and Matty pictured above

So once you found out where it was what was your plan for getting in?

You ever seen Burn Notice before? 

I’ve gotten through my entire life on the idea of What Would Michael Westen Do? I’ve gotten girlfriends from this, free concert tickets, and passed all of high school by finessing and having 20 second of courage.

So the night before I had a friend go to a restaurant supply store and buy me two professional chef uniforms. Hats and white button coats.

That was our main plan. Dress up and hopefully walk through the back door or device entrance. We planned to carry empty silver take out trays and play it off like we were late with extra food because they ran out. Who is gonna stop someone from delivering kanye food?

Once we found out it was outside we had to adapt. The venue was tucked back with a looooong dirt road entrance covered by about 5 guards and a sheriff. #Yikes but hey this is my favorite artist and there’s people I need to meet in there to network and further my own career so I said #SendIt.

We parked down the street at a lodge and changed. I then stopped at a gas station and bought a pack of cigars even though I don’t smoke, neither does my buddy. The reason being, I knew the party was running late because of a girl I was texting on the inside that I slid in her DMs on twitter and made quick friends with.

It’s he perfect cover. Two angry chefs sneak out for a smoke break because some LA kids are running late partying to some rapper. No one is gonna question that. 

So we did a drive by to see the front entrance again and they security guys were backing up about 30 teenagers trying to get in. This was our moment.

So we ran down the street to the entrance and put on our game faces. By now all the teenagers were dispersed. Smokes in my pocket Incase we needed a cover I greeted the security guard.

“Whoa what’s this man!” I shouted “I go on break for ten minutes and you kick out all the rowdy kids?? Good job man!” I said in a low voice. He joked back “yeah man just trying to keep you guys safe” so I put my hand on his shoulder and asked his name, let’s say it was Mike. I said “thank you Mike keep up the good work” and walked right past him. 

Mike yelled back over his shoulder for me to sneak him a plate of food... little did Mike know he just got duped. 

It’s important to note we found the venue early so we had enough time to plan and scout because of a legit MIRACLE. We were parked outside the hotel when a box truck came down the road. As it turned a box fell off the back bumper that was left there on accident. It was true fate. As I got out of my whip to check the box out of curiosity the truck stoped and went back..... the girl driving the truck was wearing a bright orange Kanye hoodie for the event. We almost finessed a whole box of merch. She got the box back but now we knew exactly who to follow.


So after you found the hotel you found the venue from a chance encounter with someone delivering merch and followed them. After you got in with the chef outfits what happened next?

This is where things got hairy. For one the road was super muddy lol.

But there was about three check points on the way to the venue on the road with security and cops.

The weird part is, no one pressed us. We walked right in and waved at each check point. This is useful for later in the story.

So then we got to the last cop. A nice lady cop by the entrance to the private tents with all the celebrities. I pointed beyond her and said “ma’am have you seen any big trash cans around here? (lol idk do chefs actually take out trash?) and she said no so we pushed back in a hurry mumbling about how we needed to find it.

So then we just started playing the part. Our idea was if we stayed busy we wouldn’t get pressed. The catering staff was only about 20 people. It amazes me how no one asked us who we were. So we started walking around emptying trash cans. A security guard was onto us and asked if we had bracelets... yikes.

I fed him a story on how “hey look man we been working for hours and want to go home but if I need to get a bracelet I will” so we radioed the event coordinator for two extra bracelets. She was very frustrated she had to run such a silly errand but I persisted and went on about how I was frustrated that I was just trying to do my job.

It was actually working. The the head chef of the restaurant actually catering snapped at us to get back to work. Loooool bro okay.

You legends. What type of tasks did they have you do? Or did you try to make yourself look busy? And how did you make the transition from being "chefs" to actual guests at the party?

So we just kept ourselves busy. Our excuse for about 30 minutes as we were looking for trash bags. 

One guy even asked me to make him a drink. He got just about the strongest Jack and Coke he ever drank lol. I went behind the bar and made it for him. There was a cute blonde waitress I found myself talking to though as part of my cover. She was cool. 

We then realized we wouldn’t be able to blend in when the music started. We headed back out to the car. During our time milling around and working we saw Chris Rock, and jonah Hill along with a whole slew of rappers.

So now for the clothes. We grabbed an empty trash bag and headed out to the car down the dirt road. On our way out we said by the all the cops and even asked “hey are you local? We aren’t from around here and we need to buy more trash bags” they all said no but hey we had an excuse.

So we went out to the car and stuffed our trash bag with our street clothes and walked back in. We again told Mike thanks for doing such a good job as head of security.

So once on our way back in EVERYONE wanted to check our bracelets which was so weird. They saw us leave a few minutes earlier and didn’t stop us the first time. Maybe we got lucky.

So the only bathroom in there besides the one being guarded by the lady cop who would for sure recognize us.... was by the kitchen with all the chef and it was only a one stall bathroom.

We went in to the bathroom dressed as chef with our trash bag of clothes... we both ducked into the stall quick. My buddy stood on the seat as I changed so no one would be able to tell we were in there. Then I slid out of the stall and acted like I was waiting to use it.

By chance there was two glass drinks left half drank on the counter of the sink. When he was done changing we then headed out of the bathroom. Hats tipped low and drinks in hand. 

Then I literally bumped into the one blonde waitress I was talking to. She had to of recognized me... I said “sorry ma’am, have a good evening” and quickly walked out of the barn into the dusk outside. We ditched the drinks and went into the middle of the crowd where Chris rock was opening up the night with jokes.

That's incredible. What was the most memorable moments from the party for you? Any other stories you want to tell about it?

So I actually connected with a nice gal. She’s got some clout so I don’t wanna use her name but we clicked and are texting. I think meeting her and possibly being able to expand my career through her connections was awesome. Super cool gal.

On top of that. Leading up to this event bro to be honest I was really having a bad time. Two weeks of severe depression. 

Not gonna sugar coat it or exaggerate it but I was really not wanting to live. I stopped hanging out with people. I wasn’t doing well at work. I was really just not wanting To feel anything.

Then Ghost Town came on and I am getting chills writing this. 070 Shake, Desiigner and Lil Yachty all went to the back of the crowd where I was. Hardly anyone else was around. 070 Shake started dancing and flying with her arms out in the field to her part of the song. I stood there with Desiigner and he put his arm around my shoulder as we danced and swayed to the song. “I put my hand on a stove, to see if I still bleed. And nothing hurts anymore, I feel kind of free”.

I broke down sobbing and put my hand around my buddy. It’s weird but God used Kanye in a significant way to restart both of us. This whole experience was nothing short of a miracle.

I’m getting the album cover tattooed. The mountains, the neon green “WYOMING” logo and probably the lyrics I sent you from Ghost Town as a reminder that yeah life blows. At the right time, the right sized miracle will come along

After the interview was over Matty also revealed that he himself was in fact a rapper had just dropped a mixtape, you can listen to Matty's "First Bxxk" project here.

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Win Festival Pass To Electric Forest By Submitting Your Ultimate Forest Playlist: Round 3 "Under The Radar" Edition

electric forest plug in playlist under the radar

With Electric Forest next month we can hardly contain our excitement. Along with some other exciting things we’re working on, we’re stoked to have linked up with E Forest for our collaborative Plug In Playlist contest once again for the month of May. We just wrapped up the “Late Night” playlist where Colin’s “Electric Nights” playlist (below) took the prize, earning him a pass to the forest.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this past month as we have another contest that will run through the end of May so be sure to enter below with your playlist in Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music or however you’d like to submit here.

For the latest Plug In playlist contest we’re taking on a “Under The Radar” theme to highlight some of the lineup’s hidden gems and rising talents. With a lineup this stacked there’s some talented artists that may be flying under the radar. We’d like to encourage everyone to do some digging to put together a playlist of artists that shouldn’t be slept on this year at the festival. 

We hope you all get the chance to highlight some of your favorite rising artists on the lineup while finding new ones before heading to the Forest. We’re excited to see what you come up with and the winner will be joining us in the forest with their playlist becoming an official Electric Forest playlist. See criteria below and enjoy!

Submit your playlist here.

Judged on:
60% Uniqueness
20% Cohesive transition between songs
10% Length
10% Name & Description

The Rise Of Artist-Run Labels In Electronic Music Changed Everything

label spotlight

There’s no arguing that the creation of the Internet revolutionized the music industry. 

The same vehicle that allows the team here at TSIS to share good music with fans around the globe is what set the electronic, hip-hop and indie world ablaze decades ago. Almost all at once, music enthusiasts had hundreds of millions of tracks at their fingertips and, more importantly, artists from across genres could share their work on their own terms. Gone were the days where major record labels dictated an artist’s success. There's no doubt the internet has allowed music on the outskirts to rise to the surface.

Streaming services - including the ones we use here daily, like Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud - accelerated this growth of formerly underground music even more. The inception of these streaming services a little over a decade ago coincides with a movement that has bred some of the biggest players in music today: the rise of the artist-run label.

Artist-run labels definitely aren’t anything new; other genres that pushed the boundaries gave rise to these years ago. Think Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music…  the list goes on. Genres like rap and R&B used to run below the surface, but through launching their own labels, artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Dr. Dre have not only created success for themselves, but have given rising artists a platform to see large chart success. 

Enter electronic music. Although genres like house and techno gained popularity during the ‘90s along with rap, the early 2000s were where things truly took off.

Above & Beyond were pioneers in the world of the artist-run label - their trance imprint, Anjunabeats, was created in 2000, with the Anjunadeep sublabel joining it in 2005. Claude VonStroke also created his beloved Dirtybird label in 2005 along with Excision’s longstanding Rottun Recordings; Diplo quickly followed suit with Mad Decent in 2006. By 2007 A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records and deadmau5’s innovative mau5trap imprint had come onto the scene. Come 2009, Flux Pavilion’s dubstep-centered Circus Records and SKisM’s Never Say Die Records had joined them. Skrillex created his massively popular OWSLA imprint just a few years later in 2011.

And it doesn’t stop there. As the world of electronic music expands, giving rise to a staggering amount of subgenres, artists continue to create. By 2013 San Holo had established bitbird, with ODESZA creating the quickly growing Foreign Family Collective in 2015. Zeds Dead’s label, Deadbeats, followed soon after in 2016. And in 2017 alone Brillz announced Twonk Records, Getter created Shred Collective and Jauz launched Bite This. While we've just highlighted some of our favorites, there are countless labels launched by electronic artists.

It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of artist-run labels lie within electronic music. While artists with a more commercial, big room sound have found homes with the major labels - Martin Garrix is signed to Universal Music Group, and Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers are signed to Sony Music, for example - the vast majority are left out of this group.

House. Techno. Drum and bass. Dubstep. Future bass. Trap. Indie/electronica. Trance. The list of ever-growing genres within electronic music goes on and on, with most of these categories honing an underground sound that commercial labels have historically been less interested in.

Instead of trying to make the major labels see the light or, even worse, conform to fit their standards, electronic artists everywhere decided to do it their own way.

When the veteran labels like Dirtybird, Mad Decent, mau5trap and more began to prove their worth, others started to follow suit. And when others started to follow suit, the raw creativity, independence and power behind electronic music really took off.

The extensive array of genres and styles that each artist-run label encompasses proves one thing for certain: The world of the artist-run label is vast and unique and, most importantly, it’s here to stay.

The ideas that these labels were founded on - ideas of creative freedom, self-expression and defying the norm - are the same ideas that helped TSIS come to be. This site was created back in 2010 because our founder noticed that the music he enjoyed was virtually ignored by mainstream publications, record labels and radio stations. There’s no arguing that this grassroots idea has become something much bigger, but the root of our goal here at TSIS remains the same: We aim to share unique, homegrown sound with our followers that they’ll love as much as we do.

For that reason and more we’re launching our “Artist-Run Label Spotlight” series. This monthly series will take an in-depth look into a different artist-run label with each post, from interviews with the artists to exclusive looks inside each label’s homebase. In addition to learning more about artists like Skrillex, A-Trak, Zeds Dead, ODESZA, Claude VonStroke and much more, this monthly series will also give readers the chance to discover new music within the genres they love and the opportunity to give these labels much-deserved support.

Although we can’t share what label will come first for this series, we can definitely say that it’ll be something to keep an eye out for. Enjoy!

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