PREMIERE | Keys N Krates Share Infectious Chill Trap Song "Flute Loop" + Interview & Free Download

Keys N Krates Flute Loop

Today we have a nice treat for you. Keys N Krates have just shared a melodic new song "Flute Loop" featuring Ouici that we have the pleasure of premiering along with an interview catching up with the TSIS favorites touching on writing songs as a trio, their upcoming album & tour, and their recent inspirations among other topics below.The Canadian trio decided to bless us with this new track on Canada's Boxing Day to give fans something during the holidays, and the gift does not disappoint.

With their album Cura on the way, we're very excited to see what they've been working on as this latest tune will surely be stuck in our head for weeks. Taking things in a chill direction, Keys N Krates have chosen a fitting name for this new release as the track is highlighted by an infectious flute loop.

They showcase their strong songwriting abilities with a catchy, bright melody kicking off the track joined by some skittering hi-hats and a vocal sample placed perfectly throughout alongside the worldy sounding flute. The smooth song puts their knack for clean sound design on full display and has us impatiently awaiting their full Cura album when it drops. Check out the interview below and enjoy!

Keys N Krates - Flute Loop (Ft. Ouici) | Free Download


You apply more live instrumentation to your performance than most in your genre, how does that effect your process in the studio? Do you think about tracks differently than if you were only mixing as a DJ?

Tune:  Yeah definitely!  When we get into working on song ideas we are constantly brain storming on how to make the records translate live, have live energy and have different cool parts that we can play with extending and reinterpreting for our love show.  

There are a lot of duos in electronic music, but not many trios. What is your creative process normally like creating tracks together as a group of 3?

Flo:  It can become a bit of a litigation at points but I think one of the things that helped while this making this new project is that we were all honest with ourselves and each other about what ideas or elements or even whole songs we either couldn't live without or we had to see go.  The whole thing is a compromise cause it's 3 ppl's record so at a certain point you just let go and trust your partners.  I think that was actually a significant breakthrough for us that have really kept things moving in a good way.

What was your inspiration for dropping this song on Canada’s Boxing Day?

Matisse:  We get the whole album roll out process and stuff but it's honestly nice and refreshing for us to just give a record to our fans as a free download during the holidays.  We come from doing that.  We just used to drop stuff on SoundCloud as free downloads and we kinda wanna get back to that spirit of just not giving an F and dropping heat on ppl.

Any specific influences affecting you on this release?

Flo:  Ya so many.  Jay Dilla's "donuts" album,, Dj Premiere beats influenced he sample chop and lose drum swing we were after... ppl like cashmere cat, and Mura Masa who are pushing the musicality and swaggy production tricks so far forward right now while maintaining a pop catchiness.  Ouici who's our friend and one of our fav producers helped out on some some tunes and is featured on "Flute Loop."  His soundtracky vibes and textures are so beautiful.  We were also listening to a lot of older stuff like Dorothy Ashby who's a sick jazz harpist,, so there's actually a lot of harps on the album.  Ouici really influenced us to get into more writing string section parts.  He helped us out with some of those and we were constantly studying how he does his strings.  There are so many other influences cause we are constantly listening to other ppl's stuff; trying to take cool ideas and make them our own.  Overall we wanted this album to have a boom-bap, dusty, sample feel,, but we also wanted to feel current, catchy and beautiful.

As we close out 2017, what was the highlight for Keys N Krates?

Tune:  Definitely making our first full length album!

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

Flo:  Releasing this album and going on tour!!!!

It looks like you guys are gearing up for quite the tour early next year? What can fans expect on the ‘Cura Tour’?

Matisse:  New music, new vibes, new stage production,, a better more entertaining show,, basically US but elevated.  We've stepped up in every aspect and can't wait to share with you guys!  

PREMIERE | DROELOE And Taska Black Collab On New Song “Running Away” (ft. CUT_) + Interview Each Other

Taska Black Droeloe

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a very special track from some of our favorite rising artists. DROELOE and Taska Black (both of which may be recognizable from the bitbird Mega Collab and Gouldian Finch 2), have each been making a name for themselves over the past few years and today the bitbird labelmates link up on their new collaboration “Running Away” featuring CUT_. In addition, we had the pleasure of having DROELOE and Taska Black interview each other and give us insight on their favorite tracks of the year.

While both DROELOE and Taska Black sound fantastic on their own, this latest offering is truly something else. Starting off slow with some bright distant synths and vocals from fellow Netherlands-based duo CUT_ (who were featured DROELOE & San Holo’s “Lines of the Broken”), both DROELOE and Taska Black’s hard-hitting production styles blend together perfectly throughout the track. Filled with vibrant, high-pitched synths, warbling vocal chops and pulsing, distorted bass, the emotion and energy packed into this track is incredible.  Check out “Running Away” (ft. CUT_) below and make sure to keep an eye on DROELOE and Taska Black, as they’re both growing very very fast. Enjoy!

Taska Black x DROELOE - Running Away (Ft. CUT_)

DROELOE's favorite tracks of 2017

1. Cashmere Cat - Europe Pools
2. Taska Black - Dreaming (ft. Nevve)
3. San Holo & James Vincent McMorrrow - The Future

4. Kendrick Lamar - Element
5. Boombox Cartel & QUIX - Supernatural (ft. Anjulie)


Taska Black's favorite tracks of 2017


1. Post Malone - I fall apart
2. DROELOE x San Holo - Lines of the Broken
3. Kendrick Lamar  - Humble
4. Lauv - I Like Me Better
5. Cashmere Cat - 9 (ft. MO & Sophie) 

DROELOE Interviewing Taska Black:


DROELOE: Besides “Make My Day,” which you’ve been on record saying was what you got you into our music, what is your favorite DROELOE record and why?

Taska Black: It’s so hard to name 1 favorite. I gotta say “zZz” was very refreshing and has been the top of my list for a long time. When “In Time” came out I listened to those vocal chops in the bridge a dozen of times, cry for days. And now “Kintsugi” is once again game changing.


D: Technically, this isn’t our first time collaborating because we worked on “If Only (Mega Collab)” together for GF2. How would you describe working on something as crazy as that?

Taska Black: I never expected it to turn out as compact and cohesive as it is. San did a great job orchestrating it all and he made sure everyone had their input in the track. It’s really cool to shape an idea and see it slowly evolve while other artists put their flavor to it.


D: You released on Lowly Palace for the first time the other week, your first ever non-bitbird release. What other labels are you thinking of working with through 2018?

TB: Although bitbird will stay kind of a home base, we’re definitely planning on branching out a bit more. I’d love to do something with Monstercat some time. OWSLA would be great too!


D: What was your favorite single moment of 2017 and why? Was it getting to put out a track with us?

TB: I see what you did there, Hein this was your question wasn’t it. No, for real, it’s crazy when looking back, just realizing it was only January of this year that I first  came to the Netherlands and got to meet with San and Thorwald (bitbird founders). It’s been great to meet everyone in person finally and getting to work with you guys, of course. Favorite moment would be bitbird label night at ADE, and the crazy B2B2B2B (?!?) to close it off.

D: If you could collaborate with any non-bitbird artists who would you pick?

TB: Alessia Cara, Cashmere Cat, Julia Michaels, Flume, RL Grime, EKALI, Louis The Child, … It’s a long list


D: Finally, what are your least favorite San Holo and DROELOE records?

TB: Next time I see you you better buy me some ramen to make up for this question.

“Lines of the Broken” by you and San sounds terrible, you really screwed up there (totally trolling here btw).

Taska Black interviewing DROELOE (Vincent Rooijers & Hein Hamers)

Taska Black: I know you guys meet up in school together working on a project for school. But was there a turning point where you guys realized, “hey let’s turn this into a real music project?”

Hein: I think it happened after we released our first two tracks on bitbird, “Make My Day” & “zZz”. They both did well which we didn’t expect. And at that point we were like ‘damn, we might just be able to turn this into something more than a joke that got out of hand haha.’


TB: How do you keep up with making music while on tour? Would you say it’s more inspiring all of the new experiences or just harder to keep focused and in touch with collaborators and more?

Vincent: Seeing a lot of cool things and places definitely inspires us to make music, so we try to make as much as possible, but I have to say it can get hard sometimes with the lack of sleep and the constant traveling. We never make music in planes (and you shouldn’t either!), because I don’t trust my ears while we’re in the air. Besides that, It is very nice to finally meet the people in the flesh who we’ve been collaborating with.

TB: What’s been your favourite single region (or show) that you’ve played and if you could give me one piece of advice for before I hit the road, what would it be?

H: I personally really love Southern California, the people are nice, the weather is nice. It feels like the crowd knows what they are listening to and are kind of cultured so to say. I don’t know, i just really like it there.

V: I feel the same, love Cali!! Taska, my advice would be; know where you are at… sounds pretty standard but when you are on the move all the time, and pretty tired, It can happen you just don’t remember in which city or state you’re in…. Definitely make sure you know this before you get on the mic during your set because it might get awkward haha.

TB: How drunk were you guys when you came up with the name DROELOE (which means tipsy in Dutch slang!)?

H: hahahahaha not that drunk to be honest. Maybe a little bit.

V: I think we weren’t drunk at all actually, but a late night playing GTA5 with the boys almost has the same effect lol.

TB: What are your three biggest goals in 2018 for DROELOE? I want one joint-music related goal, one joint-touring related goal and one personal goal from both of you guys.

H & V: Music wise, make more, obviously. Touring wise, do a solo headline tour i guess. That is what seems like the most logical step.

H: For me personally, try and workout more, especially on the road. And more DROELOE related, really try and see how we can involve more things then “just” music.

V: Also need to workout more. and I want to start reading again, I used to love that! Also really keen to experiment with more sounds recorded on the fly, so I’m thinking of buying a good portable recording thing.


TB: What’s your favourite track to play live and why? Is it “Core” by RL Grime?

H: Because i feel like Rafiki holding Simba every time i press play on that track.


TB: When are we gonna start working on our next collab?

H: Ja snel, die B2B set moet wel wat tracks van ons beiden er in hebben.

V:  ja! let’s go boy!

Petit Biscuit Delivers Must Hear Refreshing Debut Album 'Presence' + Exclusive Interview

Petit Biscuit Presence Album Art

We’ve been keeping an eye on Petit Biscuit for some time now. He’s someone who blew us away from the beginning and today we couldn’t more excited for the young artist’s debut album Presence to be here! Along with the amazing new project, we’re happy we were able to connect with the young French artist for a special interview around the project that features Lido, Bipolar Sunshine, Panama and more, including his own vocals. 

Today is actually Petit Biscuit’s 18th birthday, and he’s already made quite the name for himself at such a young age. There’s something about his productions that instantly grasp your attention with the ability to evoke strong emotions. After his infectious and massively successful single “Sunset Lover” stared taking off, we knew there was no slowing him down. Each release leading up to this project felt special with the full LP being an incredible listen from start to finish.

Petit Biscuit has developed a signature, mystical sound design that sounds like it’s straight out of a dream. This endeavor is his most expansive work to date as he’s shown an incredible diversity across its 14 tracks with his lush instrumentals as captivating as the tracks with vocals. As always, he brings the soul on Presence. He has an expert ability of craft some of the catchiest and most unique, almost other-worldly vocal chops and puts this talent on full display. While some of the songs are laid-back and relaxing, others are hard-hitting and ready for the dance floor. The smooth, shimmering synths and epic, cinematic production are front and center while captivating the listener throughout. 

While Petit Biscuit has been playing the cello for some time, he revealed to us that this is actually the first time he’s incorporated it into his productions. His growth as an artist is apparent in his debut album as he masterfully creates vibrant, uplifting tunes that find him pushing the sound we’ve known from him while experimenting and pushing his boundaries. We’ll surely have Presence on repeat for us for some time. Check out the interview below and enjoy!

Petit Biscuit - Presence | Purchase

So we know you play cello, guitar and piano - do you have a favorite instrument?

The cello remains my favorite instrument. It holds a special place in my heart, reminding me of my early years. It’s important to remember where you start, and to me, the cello is key. Moreover, it’s a graceful and elegant instrument, technically speaking I mean, which makes it mystical in some ways.

Did you use any or all of these instruments on the new album?

Actually, it is the first time I incorporate the cello in my productions. I wanted to wait until the right time to enhance it while using it in a special way. In 'Beam', the lead instrument when the drop hits is a slightly distorted and pitched cello. This gives it an electronic - almost vocal - vibe, which is very interesting. I am proud to have 'Beam' as the first track where I used the cello.

How does knowing a variety of instruments shape your production process?

For me, it’s important to master some instruments and the music theory, but it is not absolutely necessary. When I started to try integrating intentions and emotions in my productions, I needed to unlearn some technical things. The classical musical practice can both help and block you out in your creativeness, you may want to aim at finding the appropriate balance between its technical use and the transcendance of the element in your production.

You’ve said you like to spend a few hours just to find the right texture on synthesizers.  Do you have a favorite synthesizer you would suggest to other producers?

I use the Minibrute by Arturia a lot, but surprisingly not only for the bass sounds (even if it's meant for it). I plug it with a midi keyboard to have fun with the pluck preset it holds, even the sequences are pretty mad. I used this synth for several textures on my album.

Do you have a favorite track off the album?

It’s hard to pick one, as I already did a sharp selection to get to a dense and consistent album! I really like ‘The End’ where you can feel a powerful frenzy - I really like ‘Presence’ thanks to its beautiful introduction, cut off by a techno drop - I really like ‘Problems’ because Lido has a flow that is second to none - I really like the intro ‘Creation Comes Alive’ with Sonia’s voice because its a transcendent track to hear live… Hard to pick one!

You had more vocalists on this project than some of your past works. What was that like adding that element to your music?

It was a real pleasure to work with all the artists involved: Bipolar, Sunshine, Lido, Sonia, Panama and all the others! It was quick collaborations but very professional and personal. It’s interesting to see how your creations fit (or don’t) with a tone of voice, with rhythmics.

Do you sing on the project at all?

I do. I sing on 2 tracks: ‘On The Road’ and ‘Forever Being’. Those are two atmospheric and poetic tracks with a touch of naivety. So I decided to write the lyrics in that regards, and quickly I assumed that the best way to tell it and be comfortable with it was to sing it myself. It took a lot of time to practice and record it but it was an incredible exercise for me: more and more I try to challenge myself in music. It allows me to realize that I did not quite discover everything in music, there is still something new to learn every day.

Do you have a favorite story from the process of making this album? 

There are a lot of different stories, but the creation of ‘Problems’ took us a lot of time and reflexion. First, I really like Lido’s ambition, a famous producer for his ability to produce a topline in 2 weeks time, that would be worthy of the hippest topliner. Then I turned the production upside down to get to the perfect version. It was a lot of discussion with Lido, my manager, his manager and people around us. At start, half the track had a ‘trap music’ feel, then it sounded more organic and merely funk. Finally, I decided to keep a balance between funk, pop and electronic music. We are all extremely proud of this track today!

How has your early success at a young age had an impact on your development as an artist and a person?

Of course, I guess it’s unavoidable. We discover a lot of things quickly when we start to get successful. But I wanted to stay both a teenager and to be clever in my way of welcoming this success. That is to say to enjoy every one of these unique moments that happen in an artist life, and then to not let myself be pushed around, by knowing how to build my own team, without getting afraid to say no. Moreover, I choose this independent development, that is distinctive for me today. One can be tempted to sign with a major label and hand down all the work within the project. But I chose to take responsibility for this extra workload with my team, to show to people, to fans that this project is mine, that this project is ours.

Where did you spend most of your time recording this process?

My bedroom has always been my production place. We always feel nice at home, right? It’s place where you have grown up for years, you are never more yourself than at home. Of course, my room begins to be filled with instrument of all types, but there is a vibe I can’t find anywhere else to compose.

What’s next for Petit Biscuit? 

The 14-tracks album is just released this November 10, but I still create. I imagine new stuff all the time. A tour in one of the biggest places in France will happen in November, then a tour in Europe (Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin among other cities) for late November - early December. There are two shows in London, one that is sold-out already at Electric Ballroom on Dec. 30, and another one that we just announced at the O2 Forum Kentish Town on Feb. 10, 2018. I'm also going back to the US, playing in Seattle, Boston, Lake Tahoe, and Chandler, with a new live filled with surprises. Bigger festival and bigger stages will be announced for 2018. I’m eager to discover all this, to end 2017 on a high note and to start 2018 that I hope will be remarkable.

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