PREMIERE | Jackal Returns With Menacing New Trap Single “Don't Come Near Me I Am A Monster”

jackal dont come near me

Jackal has impressed us time and time again with his incredible versatility. From gritty drops to lush, ethereal crescendos, the LA-based producer always delivers something special, and today is no exception as we’re excited to bring you a premiere of Jackal’s brand new single “Don't Come Near Me I Am A Monster” via Lowly Palace.

Having last heard from Jackal with his recent emotional collab with Akacia, we’re loving the dark, brooding vie on this latest offering. Starting out slow with some deep, ominous reese bass and snappy acoustic percussion, some wonky panned synths quickly throw the track into an explosive drop filled with skittering screeches, powerful drums and heavy pulsing bass. Check out “Don't Come Near Me I Am A Monster” below and enjoy!

Jackal - Don't Come Near Me I Am A Monster

PREMIERE | Vincent Drops Uplifting New Future Bass Single “We Could” Ft. Ayelle

vincent we could art

Vincent is someone we have been following for years now–since his days as XVII before changing his name. His originals and remixes of artists such as Alison Wonderland, Flume, and The Chainsmokers have established him as someone to continue to keep an eye on. While his most recent collaboration with QUIX shows a grimier side of Vincent’s music, we can hear elements of his playful future bass sound in his latest release, “We Could” featuring Ayelle, which we have the pleasure of premiering today. 

Vincent sets the stage on “We Could” with ambient piano chords and subtle percussion as Ayelle’s vocals echo throughout. The collaborators build the intensity with Vincent laying out a forward-thinking drop complete with gliding bass and deep brass notes. He chops and distorts Ayelle’s vocals, pairing them perfectly with the track’s bouncy lead synth tying everything together in the best way possible. Vincent delivers chilled-out vibes on “We Could,” making for a unique addition to his sonic repertoire. Check it out below courtesy of PRMD Music and enjoy! 

Vincent - We Could (Ft. Ayelle) 

PREMIERE | Meet Emmit Fenn, The Billie Eilish Collaborator Whose Song “Meteorite” Soundtracked Apple’s iPhone Announce + Interview

Emmit Fenn

Rising artist Emmit Fenn has been killing it lately. The talented 22-year-old producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist just took things to the next level with his latest release soundtracking Apple's massive new announcement in the highly publicized Apple Keynote unveiling multiple new iPhones. This new song "Meteorite" showcases Emmit's incredible sound design and skill set to craft emotional music as we're excited to have the premiere alongside an interview with Fenn.

Emmit Fenn is doing a lot more than your average "bedroom producer." He just recently landed his production on Billie Eilish's "bitches broken hearts" as the rare switch up in production from her brother Finneas, who has been her go-to producer on everything. Fenn also just linked up with Vic Mensa on a powerful new song & video as well as THEY.'s Drew Love on "Without You" as he shows an ability to thrive in the hip-hop space. Now he switches things up once again.

This new track "Meteorite" sounds more like a movie score than a single, and in the best way possible. This isn't a full surprise as Fenn previously scored a Facebook TV show called Five Points where he worked with Quentin Tarantino's longtime music supervisor Mary Ramos. Here Fenn displays his knack for effortlessly creating cinematic soundscapes filled with emotion. The anticipation of Apple's biggest announcement of the year is felt with this song Fenn crafted to soundtrack the iconic event. Stay tuned for more from this rising artist as he does not disappoint. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn - Meteorite

This new release feels a lot like a movie score. Can you tell us more about this collaboration with Apple and how your musical background led to this song?

I can’t say much about how it all came together but it’s been a dream to create with Apple’s team ever since I started making music. I’m happy ‘Meteorite’ ended up working perfectly for what they needed!!! I always try to incorporate a cinematic element within all my music so working on projects like this is really fun.

What does this moment mean for you?

Coming from crashing UCLA music classes two years ago to now creating music used by companies that I’ve always looked up to is super cool - definitely is a huge stepping stone for me as an artist.  It's always fun composing for specific spots and brands like this and hopefully its the beginning of many more.

How did the collab with Billie Eilish come about? What was that experience like for you?

We were both fans of each other's music when we first started putting out music and were actually talking on Soundcloud for sometime before we first decided to make a song together. She's killing it right now and she’s super fun to work with so it was awesome producing 'bitches broken hearts' for her project! We made another song as well so can’t wait to share it one day. 

We’ve noticed your growing versatility as you’ve been expanding into the hip-hop realm as of late. What direction do you see your music going from here?

I'm always experimenting with new sounds and genres. I try to create sounds that haven't been made before. Hip-hop has never been a go to genre for me, but I’m always looking to push myself and expand with different type of artists. My debut album is coming in 2019 which is in a completely new lane. It’s some of my favorite work I’ve made thus far.

How does your approach to music differ across the various genres you explore?

All my music starts on the piano and from there it's really up in the air where it can go. When I get to the studio, I tend to have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be, it all just depends on what mood I'm in and what's been inspiring me lately. Sometimes it's a peaceful piano ballad and other times an crazy electronic song that makes no sense, but I just try to have fun with it.

Can you tell us more about your story as a “bedroom producer” who dropped out of college to pursue music? What has your road been like to this point after making the decision to focus on music?

I started off producing in my bedroom and I'm still here. As long as I have a keyboard, mic and laptop, I'm good. After I dropped out of college in Virginia, I moved in with some friends near the UCLA campus, but wasn't enrolled as a student. My friend told me to come to one of his song writing classes and that lead to me crashing probably 6-8 music classes over the next few semesters. Some teachers even invited me back. It definitely provided a lot of inspiration and gave me some knowledge on writing music and working in the industry. At that point, I knew I didn't want to go back to school and thankfully 'Painting Greys' started to build an audience online, allowing me to pursue this full time.

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