Two Feet Returns With Impressive Diverse Project 'A 20 Something Fuck'


Two Feet just dropped his new project A 20 Something Fuck and it embodies everything we’ve come to love from the New York artist. The release comes as the first in a 2 part series. Two Feet first popped up on our radar with his breakout single "Go Fuck Yourself" followed by his wave-making indie electronic Momentum EP, best known for the tracks “Had Some Drinks” and “Love Is A Bitch”. His unique blend of killer guitar riffs and rumbling bass resonated with listeners everywhere and today Two Feet takes his sound to the next level with A 20 Something Fuck.

The project begins with a melancholic intro track featuring a grainy voicemail message laid over piano chords, setting a somber tone for the album that melts away with the first chords of the next track “You Say”. Guitar riffs and hazy vocals dominate the LP, but Two Feet bends these core elements of his sound to express a diverse range of moods. “You Say” feels warm and calm, “Hurt People” ft. Madison Love gives off intense, sultry vibes, and “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” channels the gritty vibe that launched Two Feet’s musical journey. This is an impressive offering from the young artist that gives us a hint of the depth and diversity he can achieve with his sound.

The talented artist has unfortunately struggled with recent depression that was highly publicized following a suicide attempt. Since then, he's opened up about mental illness and getting help. Now he's delivered some incredible music - welcome back Two Feet. 

Two Feet - A 20 Something Fuck

Explore Elohim's World On Her Stunning Self-Titled Debut Album + TSIS Interview

elohim album art

Enigmatic singer and producer Elohim has gifted us today with her self-titled debut album, Elohim. We’ve kept our eye on this inspiring artist ever since her versatile vocals first entered our ears on Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive” and she has impressed us at every turn. Recently Elohim’s music has reached scores of new fans thanks to a flawless Coachella performance, an engaging North American headlining tour, and a genre-crossing collaboration with The Glitch Mob that received a dark remix from REZZ.

All this momentum culminates in her unbelievably cohesive, undeniably diverse debut album, Elohim. The fifteen-track LP deftly explores the highs and lows of human emotion with cheerful tracks like “Sleepy Eyes” and “Fuck Your Money” side-by-side with dark, energetic offerings like “Skinny Legs” or “I Want You”. Beginning with the haunting, cinematic intro “Why Am I Like This” the listener dives into Elohim’s introspective world and is taken on a journey that only ends as the chords fade on the emotional, stand-out final track “Insecure”.

We had the chance to connect with Elohim on her album release, check out the interview below and be sure to give the album a listen. Enjoy!

Elohim - Elohim

You recently played a massive set at Coachella. What was your experience like there and what did that performance mean to you?

The experience was incredible. Everything from the weather, to the people, the atmosphere and love. It was perfect! I didn't know what to expect but every and any expectation was exceeded. I feel very grateful to have been given this opportunity. The performance meant more to me than i ever even thought it would have. Coachella is this really cool bench mark and accomplishment in a musicians career. it was really fun to talk about that with my other friends playing the festival as well. It is pretty out of body experience and hard to put into words. 

You’ve worked with some amazing collaborators over the past couple years. How did you get involved with the community and have these collaborations affected your own sound or songwriting process?

The collaborations really came about from me focusing on my own music and sound and getting that out into the world. Through releasing my own music other artists noticed and wanted to collaborate. It is really the amazing thing about the internet. It is important to me to form friendships and bonds before creating, but sometimes the bond comes from collaborating.

Do you find it challenging adapting your studio recordings to your live show?

I find it somewhat challenging at times but it is a nice challenge, a fun challenge. I like to re-work them in different special ways that are only ever heard at live performances.

What’s your songwriting process like? Do you have a favorite time or place to draw inspiration from?

The songwriting process is truly always different. My favorite place to create is my studio in santa monica, CA. I have a really beautiful support system there. It is important to me to feel protected and free while making music. Sometimes i write in very unconventional ways though. I wrote "Fuck Your Money" in the car on the way home from the gym. It is always different which is the greatest thing about music. i create without boundaries or rules.

When did you first learn to produce? Does your production skill set change your approach to writing and singing?

When I am at the studio i prefer to touch instruments instead of computers, i would rather focus on my writing than cutting up ableton tracks.  so i have an incredible engineer i work with. Having knowledge of production and knowing what I am talking about helps me a lot because i can be very specific about what exactly i want and i can take over if needed. at this point, the people i work with can pretty much can read my mind.

Your debut album is here, how does it feel to get this project out there?

It feels incredible! I am very lucky i get to share my music with wonderful humans in the universe. It keeps me going and inspires me to continue to create more magic and music.

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

i had different experiences making each song and every one was incredibly special in its own way. "Insecure" is the last song on the album and it is my favorite song. The most special piece on the album is "Water Baby". "Water baby" is an interlude that i made on my dining room table only using my laptop speakers for a mic and the process was very emotional. I used a message from my grandmother i had saved on my phone wishing me happy birthday. This whole record means a lot to me and I hope it brings love light and happiness to others.

What do you hope fans get out of this album and what can they look forward to next?

I hope fans find inspiration and confidence from this record. I hope they can find pieces of themselves within the music. If it brings anyone comfort or love then I have done what I came here to do. I really just want people to feel..whatever that feeling might be as long as it is real, it is meaningful. as for what is next I don't know but i do know i will always be evolving growing and creating hoping to push the limits while bring something new authentic and exciting to others lives.

UK Producer SG Lewis Impresses On Pt. 1 Of Funky, Shimmering Debut Album 'Dusk'

sg lewis dusk

U.K. producer SG Lewis has consistently impressed us with silky-smooth, fine-tuned releases ever since he blew us away with his official remix of Disclosure’s “Magnets” three years ago. Today SG is back on the site for the release of the first segment of his stunning debut album, called Dusk. A few months ago SG Lewis dropped the funky single “Aura” off of the project and announced that his album would be divided into three parts – Dusk, Dark, and Dawn. He soon dropped “Coming Up” the second single off of Dusk that confirmed that this part of the album would be undeniably funky.

Now the rest of the project is here and we love the sultry, shimmering vibes. The offering begins as any Dusk should, with an extended, golden sunset. SG Divides his sunset into two parts, part 1 is an instrumental intro track that grabs the listener’s attention with a crisp drumline cutting between atmospheric pads that melts away into a hopeful, celebratory part 2 featuring passionate vocals. The release has a retro vibe that SG Lewis brings to life with his cutting edge production that makes every synth fill your speakers and each bassline hit just right. This comes through best on tracks like “Tide” where the slowed-down tempo allows the listener to truly explore each element of SG Lewis’s music. Enjoy!

SG Lewis - Dusk

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