[PREMIERE] Brillz Announces Twonk Records + Drops “Twerk Star” With Jackal & Kstylis + Interview

Brillz Press Shot
TSIS has been a longtime supporter of Brillz, his music and his Twonk brand which has grown significantly over the years. It started back in 2013 when he released his Twonk LP on Kill The Noise and Craze's label Slow Roast Records. Since then, the Twonk brand has translated to live shows, merch and an ongoing mixtape series that features some very talented up-and-comers. Well Brillz has taken another big step in bringing the brand to life with Twonk Records.  
We're stoked to be premiering the record label's debut release "Twerk Star" which is a collaboration with Jackal and Kstylis. The bangin track mixes hip-hop and trap, incorporating hype vocals, crisp percussion and a catchy pitch-sliding lead synth that drives the drive. "Twerk Star" will be part of Volume 1 of its new Twonkilation compilation series. Volume 1 will feature 16 tracks and comes out Friday, Apr. 28. We were able to catch up with Brillz and learn more about the label, the twonk brand as a whole, what's in the store for the future and more. You can check out the interview below. Enjoy!

Brillz x Jackal x Kstylis - Twerk Star | Pre-Order Twonkilation Vol. 1 

Can you tell us about the history of your Twonk brand?

I put out an album in 2013 called "Twonk," then Someone asked me what it meant and i just cryptically replied "exactly". We all smiled. Theres a message in there.  Its ok if some people don't understand you - as long as you live your truth - get hyped on you.  We all express ourselves in our way, and its ok to be weird, Its ok to feel different. That energy and philosophy allowed the Twonk movement to manifest. We owe it ALL to the fans for turning it into a movement and allowing it to grow and keep growing. Now there's a new chapter in the Twonk Story. Our label. 

What led to your decision to evolve into a label?

The label dream is something Ive been wanting to do for years. I love this music so much, I love our community, I love bringing people together. The branches of our tree keep growing and they can't be stopped. We want to make sure underground producers have a place to thrive. 

Another reason is purely giving back, like I mentioned earlier about Craze and Kill The Noise, Im eternally grateful to those guys for giving me a platform. I want to continue that cycle and Im in a position to do that. Im not the reason they will be successful, dope music and dope artists will always prevail one way or the other. However, I want to see the up and coming homies get some shine and get their music heard and supported.

What was your inspiration behind this new track "Twerk Star"?

Any producer that tells you that the inspiration for a twerk song isn't A$$ is a liar. 

What stood out about these artists you’ve included in the compilation?

Honesty. Passion. These guys are making the music they love. They aren't compromising shit in their work. This compilation is all about Bangers, and all the artists who are a part of it came through with so much fire. Some of these artists have less than a few thousand followers, but their talent is undeniable. 

What was your experience like coordinating this release?

Tons and tons of Dms and Emails. Ive been working on this for months it was hard to stay quiet about it. Im really happy with the experience, it was fun. A major part of that is the team we built for the label. S/O Brandon, Rob, Ross, Sam, Dan and our creative director Oz who has been with me since day one. Our whole squad put in 110%. We are on a mission. 

What can we look forward to with Twonk Records?

Look forward to a ton of new music from me. Look forward to discovering a lot of new and upcoming artists who are producing some really dope music. Look forward to getting weird on the dancefloor, cause we are planning to take our squad on the road for a tour later this year. 

Electric Forest 2016: The This Song Is Sick Secret Sets Were Unbelievable

Electric Forest Secret Set Family Photo

It's no secret that we're big fans of Electric Forest which goes down every year in Rothbury, Michigan. We’ve been long-time supporters of the magical music festival and just recently highlighted some of the event’s best back-to-back performances over the years, including a few from our signature TSIS secret sets that we've had the pleasure of throwing each year.

In 2012, we hosted the first-ever Big Grizmatik set featuring Big Gigantic, GRiZ and Gramatik. Last year’s addition showcased the epic back-to-back-to-back between Skrillex, SNAILS, Datsik, 12th Planet and more.

However, 2016 holds a special honor. In addition to our ‘Meet and Greet’ booth, the festival’s organizers provided TSIS its first official slot on the schedule and app, truly cementing the set. As the clock struck 1:00am on Friday night (technically Saturday morning) at the relatively intimate Observatory stage in the Forest, a sea of people gathered. 

The hype was real as countless attendees jumped up and down to sneak a peak at who the night’s performers would be. Rumors had spread throughout the weeks prior with names such as Pretty Lights, Big Grizmatik and others being tossed around, but no one knew what was in store.

The crowd went as far back as the eye could see and the elbow-to-elbow audience somehow managed to get larger with even greater energy. It was a truly an unbelievable sight. The stage was planted in the thick of the forest, looking over the crowd and a large balcony structure that was separated into three parts and two levels.

Electric Forest Secret Set Stage Shot From Back

To kick off the night, Brillz and long-time TSIS Secret Set performer 12th planet (who may need to become the first ever secret set resident) took the stage in front of a roaring audience. The two did not hold back kicking the set off with banger after banger.

Electric Forest Secret Set 12th Planet Brillz 2

Next up, a wild Mija appeared from the side stage and the crowd simply lost it as she hopped into the back-to-back barrage. There was even a point in the set where 12th Planet and Brillz were literally praying to her as she was mixing. Mayhem soon rose as NGHTMRE joined the budding supergroup and hoards of fans somehow continued to pile inward, almost getting to a mildly scary point, as it already seemed over capacity when the set began.

Electric Forest Secret Set Mija 12th Planet Brillz

Electric Forest Secret Set Mija 12th Planet Brillz NGHTMRE

As our final guest GRiZ was getting ready to hop on the decks, the crowd was getting over capacity and had to shut down a tad earlier than planned to make sure safety came first. 

12th Planet gave a proper shout out to TSIS’ final mystery guest, GRiZ, as he stepped onstage to thank everyone for coming out (although he wasn’t able to join in on the back-to-back festivities). 

Electric Forest Secret Set Mija 12th Planet Brillz 2

To lift the night vibes on Saturday, we threw a party until sunrise in the Good Life camping area that featured Anna Lunoe, AC Slater and Justin Martin going back-to-back before leading into Louis the Child, Getter, Cherub, Win & Woo and more. 

We are working with Electric Forest to come back next year in an even bigger way…maybe even a secret stage? Thanks to everyone that made it out and we can’t wait until next year!

Electric Forest Secret Set Mija Headbang

Electric Forest Secret Set 12th Planet Brillz

[PREMIERE] Brillz Shares Latest Twonk Team Mixtape Vol. 9 Feat. Slushii, Habstrakt & More

Twonk Team Mixtape 9

Twonk Team leader Brillz has teamed up with TSIS to premiere the 9th edition of his ongoing mixtape series which features mini-mixes by Wuki, Habstrkt, Rickyxsan and Slushii. As per usual, the talented cast of producers deliver an adrenaline-filled hourlong mix that consists for trap, bass house, dubstep and more.


Brillz launched the mixtape series back in 2013 and continues to enlist some of dance music's most promising talent moving the needle. Previous mixes premiered by TSIS can be found here. For the full track list of all the heaters dropped in the latest Twonk edition, please see below!

Twonk Team Mixtape Vol. 9 Tracklist: 


Diskord - Out There

Bass Trick - Ghost Buster

Tascione - ID

Jay Karama - Keep Calm

Wuki - Get Down

Keys n Krates - Save Me (Wuki Remix)

Bad Jokes - Ride With Me (VIP)

Party Favor - Bust 'Em

Wuki - Make It Clap (Senor Roar)

Kill the Noise - FUK UR MGMT (Wuki Remix)



DJ Snake - Propaganda (Habstrakt Remix)

Basstrick - Ghost Buster

Habstrakt - Cheezus

Habstrakt - ID

Habstrakt x Badjokes - ID

Eptic x Jaux - Get Down

Eptic - The End (Carnage x Breaux Edit)

The Game ft Skrillex -El Chapo (Sikdope Remix)

Lektrique & Autodidakt - Shots Fired

Torro Torro - Make A Move (Habstrakt Remix)

Rusko - Woo Boost (Skin Deep Remix)

Moksi - Joy

Destructo - 4Real (Joyryde Remix)

Habstrakt - ID

Loge21 - Drop That



Rickyxsan & YDG - ID 

Brillz & Laxx - Buck (Trollphace Remix) 

Rickyxsan - Poppin’ 

Doctor P & Flux Pavilion - Party Drink Smoke 

Rickyxsan - XIII (Rickyxsan’s 123 punta mash) 

Boombox Cartel & Quix - ID 

Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis - Dolphin on wheels (Rickyxsan Remix) 

RL Grime - Aurora (Rickyxsan’s Flip) 

RL Grime - Aurora (Nghtmre Remix) 

Graves - ID 

Graves & Rickyxsan - The Plague’



Sarina Paris - Look At Us (Slushii Remix) 

Galantis - In My Head (Slushii Remix) 

Torro Torro - Make a Move (Skrillex Remix) [Slushii Flip] 

Different Heaven & EH!DE - Paradise feat. Alexa Lusader 

Downlink - Hotel Trap 

Dirty Audio & Rickyxsan - Gettin That 

Slushii - ID (feat. Madi)’


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