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13 Of Frank Ocean's Throwback Collaborations With Tyler, The Creator & Odd Future

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After years of waiting, Frank Ocean finally released his long-awaited albums Endless and Blonde that had us more excited than ever on his music as we revisited his discography. Frank Ocean’s cohesive albums have earned the elusive artist a die-hard fanbase over the years. With his full-length projects Blond / Endless, Channel Orange, and Nostalgia, Ultra being his most prominent works, his very early contributions as a member of Odd Future can be overlooked or forgotten. Now it's been a few months since his recent albums dropped, we decided it would be good to highlight some of these works with Odd Future.

Frank Ocean being a part of Odd Future was never a perfect fit, but worked well anyway. The offensive LA hip-hop collective was a group of young oddballs who were brought together under the group’s mastermind, Tyler, The Creator. The crew of rebellious young artists had a defiant and often obnoxious attitude that fueled their desire to make their own lane and build a movement.  Frank took on the role of an older brother figure for many of OF’s members and was an integral part of the collective.

Frank was a rare R&B member of the collective that didn’t exactly fit with the aggressive rap that was coming out of the group. However, being a part of OF exposed frank to Tyler and OF’s die-hard fans and blog hype that helped launch his initial recognition. Many of Tyler’s rambunctious young fans were introduced to Frank with many maturing and growing an appreciation for his music although it was much different from the other releases coming from his affiliates. 

Frank has surprisingly gone on to be the most successful member of the group. We thought it would be fun to go back in time and revisit Frank’s Odd Future contributions. Enjoy!

Odd Future - Oldie | Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (2012)

Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Doris (2013)

Tyler, The Creator - Partyisntover / Campfire / Bimmer (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Wolf (2013)

Tyler, The Creator - Slater (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Wolf (2013)

Odd Future - Analog 2 (Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Syd) | Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (2012)

Odd Future - White (Frank Ocean) | Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (2012)

Odd Future - Snow White (Hodgy Beats & Frank Ocean) | Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (2012)

Tyler, The Creator - She (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Goblin (2011)

Tyler, The Creator - Window (Ft. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G) | Goblin (2011)

Domo Genesis - Steamroller (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Rolling Papers (backing vocals)

Mellowhype - Rico (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Blackenedwhite (2011)

Mellowhype - Hell (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Blackandwhite (2011)

Hellowhype - Astro (Ft. Frank Ocean) | Numbers (2012)


Frank Ocean Announces First Live Shows In 3 Years

Frank Ocean Live

Frank Ocean has announced his first live performances in three years! The elusive artist returned to form this past summer with the surprise release of Blonde / Endless, his long-awaited follow-up to Channel Orange after he seemingly disappeared for years. 

Update: Frank has just been announced on Hangout Music Festival and will be playing Sasquatch! and Panorama according to Consequence of Sound.

His newly-announced show dates for 2017 are June 9 for NorthSide festival in Denmark and July 14 for Lovebox festival in London. While both of these are in Europe, it's promising that he's playing live shows again and will hopefully be announcing more dates soon. Ocean also offered his first proper interview in years with the NY Times where he spoke about sitting out on the Grammys, splitting with his label, his new album Blonde and his thoughts on fame. Enjoy!



Frank Ocean Speaks On Not Submitting For Grammys, Blonde Album, and Much More In First Interview In Years

Frank Ocean Green Hair

For the first time since the release of his recent albums, Blonde & Endless, Frank Ocean has given a proper interview. The enigmatic artist typically stays away from the public eye, but has revealed new information about his life, career and business to the NY Times in a rare interview. You can read the highlights below or check the entire piece here.

On The Grammys:

“Certain moments were drawbacks for sure. Now I look at things differently, but at the time, yeah. Audiences in excess of five million people [on national TV]. I was always reluctant to do those things except in cases where they had this nostalgic significance to me. Like performing at the V.M.A.s, being tapped to perform at the Grammys — me saying yes to those things had a lot to do with how those things made me feel before I was actually in the business. And just wanting to be rubbing shoulders with those people and being seen at those places. I still was reluctant and sort of skeptical of those things because I questioned whether or not I was prepared.”

“I think the infrastructure of the awarding system and the nomination system and screening system is dated,” he said. “I’d rather this be my Colin Kaepernick moment for the Grammys than sit there in the audience.”

On vocal distortions and Blonde:

“Sometimes I felt like you weren’t hearing enough versions of me within a song, ’cause there was a lot of hyperactive thinking. Even though the pace of the album’s not frenetic, the pace of ideas being thrown out is.”

“When I was making the record, there was 50 versions of “White Ferrari.” I have a 15-year-old little brother, and he heard one of the versions, and he’s like, “You gotta put that one out, that’s the one.” And I was like, “Naw, that’s not the version,” because it didn’t give me peace yet.”

On "Nikes" - “That was written about someone who I was actually in a relationship with, who wasn’t an unrequited situation,” he said. “It was mutual, it was just we couldn’t really relate. We weren’t really on the same wavelength.”

On splitting with Def Jam:

“With this record in particular, I wanted to feel like I won before the record came out, and I did, and so it took a lot pressure off of me about how the record even would perform after the fact. Once the goal is met, everything else is lagniappe. It’s not essential for me to have a big debut week, it’s not essential for me to have big radio records.”

“Well, we doubled “Channel Orange” first week. I’m always gonna be like, “We could have done a little bit better.” I guess there’s a satisfaction that comes with looking at numbers like that, and I’m making, like, No Limit-type of equity, Master P-type of equity on my record.”

On fame:

“Sometimes I’m fascinated with how famous my work could be while I’m not so famous. Super-envious of the fact that Daft Punk can wear robot helmets and be one of the most famous bands in the world, while also understanding that will never be my situation. It’s too late. It’s hard to articulate how I think about myself as a public figure. I’ve gotten used to being Frank Ocean. A lot of people stopped me on the street when I hadn’t put music out in a while, literally would yell out of an Uber, “Frank, where the album?”

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