[PREMIERE] DJ Green Lantern Launches New Electronic / Hip-Hop Project TheSpvceAge With Debut Single “You" + Interview

Green Lantern Press Shot

Hip-hop veteran DJ Green Lantern has just debuted his new project TheSpvceAge with the first single "You" feat. Tdot Illdude. This exciting new release marks a new chapter in DJ Green Lantern’s career. His production alias has joined Gramatik’s Lowtemp label. 

The ever-evolving artist is best known for his works as a DJ for Eminem and Nas. He also produced mixtapes for Eminem's Shady Records. TheSpvceAge brings a fresh, hybrid sound combining classic G-Funk hip-hop reminiscent of 90’s Dre productions with space-driven, electro funk. "You" is highlighted by a futuristic, funky bassline that's mixed with distorted vocals and spacey melodies.

Tdot Illdude's airy vocals round out the track, making for an impressive debut from TheSpvceAge. We had the pleasure of speaking with Green Lantern about his musical journey and of how TheSpvceAge came to be. See below and enjoy!

TheSpvceAge - You (Ft. Tdot Illdude) | Free Download


What inspired you to create a new project under the name TheSpvceAge?

I've been experimenting with electronic music for a few years now and I feel like i've developed a new sound with this project and wanted to give it it's own name..TheSpvceAge being it's own thing is great for me because I produce very different styles of music and want to give this new sound some room to breathe and have a life of it's own, almost like a new tree...water it, let it grow and get a specific fruit from it..As opposed to adding this sound to the DJ Green Lantern world, where it may get lost in all the HipHop, and rap music folks think of when they hear that name. 

How would you describe the sound of TheSpvceAge?

It's kinda hard to describe the sound of TheSpvceAge but I like to say "If Roger Troutman, Eric Sermon and Earth Wind & Fire got in a studio and made electronic music, this is what it would sound" More descriptively tho, it's melodic electro funk with a retro-futuristic feel and aesthetic . Trippy !

As someone who’s been in the hip-hop scene for many years, what does it mean to you to take a new direction with your music?

For me, it's always fresh and exciting taking a different direction with music..Im always going to be HipHop till I die, but I'm also a general music lover at heart, which then translates to different sounds and melodies that I would want to live on their own, not necessarily in a HipHop context ...

What about electronic music first caught your interest?

Just really the freedom a producer has to make his own mark, away from being tied to a vocalist, rapper, etc...The freedom to use different sounds, and arrangements..Not being bound to a particular song structure. Those were really the first aspects of electronic music that caught my interest... 

How did you link up with Gramatik?

I wish there was a really cool story about a chance meeting in catering at a festival lol, but the reality is I made this song "You", and sent it to him via twitter..He said it was "beautiful" and I added I would like to release it through his label Low Temp records..he said "hell yeah"!, and here we are.  

What’s next for TheSpvceAge?

Just having fun, releasing a gang of music with this sound... an EP of originals, some remixes of songs that are out, and a 30-40 min mix sometime around the top of the year..and getting this live experience together for TheSpvceAge shows--thats gonna be a good time!

TheSpvceAge You Artwork

Stream & Download Childish Gambino's Must Hear Funk & Soul Album 'Awaken, My Love!'

Childish Gambino Album

Childish Gambino has released his 11-track album Awaken, My Love! which taps into a new creative direction from the multi-talented artist. Up until this point, Childish Gambino has made hip-hop. In short, this album changed that.

He took a more musical approach, channeling a strong 1970’s Parliament Funkadelic sound that blends soul, funk and rock. Listeners will hear psychedelic guitar, groovy basslines and an array of synthesizers throughout the spacey, and somewhat trippy, project. Gambino surprises us with his vocals which he overlays with several distortion and filter effects. 

The LP, which includes previously-released singles "Me And Your Mama" and "Redbone", was originally debuted live at Joshua Tree for his PHAROS shows. Awaken, My Love! wraps up an impressive year for Gambino, aka Donald Glover, who also launched his critically-acclaimed Atlanta TV show where is he the executive producer, writer and lead actor. Enjoy!

Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love! | iTunes & Stream now on Apple music

Watch Childish Gambino’s Live Performance Of "Me and Your Mama” in Virtual Reality

Childish Gambino Virtual Reality

Childish Gambino has shared a virtual reality performance of his "Me And Your Mama" single ahead of his much-anticipated album Awaken, My Love. The VR experience was added to his PHAROS Earth app. 

The video comes from his PHAROS shows at Joshua Tree and gives us the first official glimpse into the insane event. Although some fans were able to sneak in footage from the cell phone-banned show, the VR experience truly showcases how unique the event really was. He has also made a limited edition VR vinyl available. We're not exactly sure what that means, but it could mean exclusive access to view the entire PHAROS event in VR.

Gambino played in a dome with tribal-themed projections and costumes. He really took a different route on the album singles as he's gone from making rap to funk and soul-inspired rock that's reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic and Prince. See some screen shots below of the experience and download the PHAROS Earth app to see it all for yourself. Stay tuned for Awaken, My Love and enjoy!

Pharos 3

Pharos 2

Pharos 1

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