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EXCLUSIVE: Gary Richards (Destructo) Reveals Details On AMF Brand, New Festivals & More In Interview

Gary Richards interview

Gary Richards is well known throughout the electronic music community as one of the most influential people in the industry. From curating some of the best lineups on the festival circuit, to (creating/starting) some of the most coveted events we’ve ever seen.

Just a few months back it was revealed that Gary would no longer be working with HARD, the company he founded and ran for over 10 years. This understandably left fans a bit uneasy and confused about what he would be up to next. It was announced soon after his departure from HARD that Richards would be assuming the role of president of LiveStyle North America, a company vastly larger than his previous one.

With many more resources now at his fingertips, fans began to speculate what Gary’s next move would be. He eventually started to tease and build up hype for some new company, event, or something else called AMF, short for All My Friends. We once thought this may have been his new cruise ship festival that would rival Holy Ship!, but that theory was debunked when he officially revealed Friendship a month ago (which looks epic, by the way).

However, this still left everyone wondering what AMF ultimately was. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gary Richards for a one-on-one intimate interview shot in our office here in Denver, where he discusses what’s happening with AMF, Friendship, as well as some music collaborations he’s been working on as Destructo.

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Gary Richards (Destructo) Officially Announces His New Cruise Ship Music Festival “Friendship”

Gary Richards Friendship

All the speculation can finally come to an end. Gary Richards (aka Destructo) and AMF have officially announced a new cruise music festival, Friendship. The first voyage will take place December 11th to December 15th aboard the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship and will sail from Miami, Florida to Coco Bay in The Bahamas. Although there are many other details that are yet to be revealed, this news will come as a relief to those who are looking for an alternative to Gary Richards’ previous project, Holy Ship!

With the event, boat, and date finally announced, fans can officially start planning. The next details to undergo speculation will of course be the pricing and the lineup, which could very well directly rival Holy Ship!’s. That being said, Gary Richards has always been ahead of the game, so who knows what he’ll pull out of his pocket next. 

Many artists who had attended the first Holy Ship! sailings stated that they never would have done so if it weren’t for Gary’s leadership. With Holy Ship! already reaching nearly a dozen sailings, perhaps there are some artists who see Friendship as an exciting new opportunity to perform upon a brand new project. Just take a look at the lineup for the first ever Holy Ship! sailing back in 2012

Gary Richards posted a note to social media along with the official Friendship announcement, which reads almost like a mission statement for the good times that are yet to come:

“There is a place where my friends and I go and we do fun things—the kind of fun things that build everlasting memories that I could never put a price on and I absolutely never could because these times are priceless and irreplaceable. At the end when I look back and reminisce about these times I had and the experiences that molded me and watered me enough to grow, I’ll think about all the friends I’ve made along the way and how I am a part of their story and they are more than all my friends. They are all my family. -D”

We grabbed some pictures below of the Celebrity Equinox ship and it looks pretty epic so stay tuned for more info and enjoy!

Friendship cruise

Friendship cruise

Friendship cruise

Friendship cruise

Friendship cruise

Destructo photo by Rukes

Gary Richards (Destructo) Confirms Plans Of New Cruise Festival Called "Friend Ship"

Destructo gary richards friend ship festival

AHA! Gary Richards is indeed launching his own cruise festival and just announced it will be called “Friend Ship.” Just a few days ago we covered the news that Gary Richards has been cryptically hinting towards something that seemed to be his own festival. Just last night he was performing as Destructo in Brooklyn and made the announcement to fans that he is currently planning his festival cruise “Friend Ship.”

When Richards split ways with HARD events we knew this wouldn’t be the end of his work as a highly respected promoter so his announcement as President of LiveStyle North America (previously known as SFX Entertainment) wasn’t a surprise. He’s been hinting at something coming for a couple weeks now, causing us to speculate that he was going to launch his own boat party shortly and we couldn't be more excited for him. This news is incredibly exciting and we can’t wait to hear more details. Stay tuned for more info and enjoy!

Friend Ship Festival Cruise

Photo credit: Rukes

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