GRiZ Announces 2-Nights Of Red Rocks With Live Band On Night 1

Griz Red Rocks

GRiZ at Red Rocks is something we look forward to each and every time, and he's just made the exciting announcement he'll be returning in 2018! After some cryptic messages causing us to question what's happening with the TSIS favorite artist, he's shared some good news for fans. Yesterday he teased a video hinting at a return to the Denver-based artist's home venue, Red Rocks and now he's shared the exciting news that once again, he's going to be returning for two nights on July 13 and 14 with night one being GRiZ Live Band and night two being a normal GRiZ Set.

Last year was a special event at Red Rocks as he debuted his live band for the first time for an intimate show at The Ogden Theater and then played with the band again for one night at Red Rocks, while doing a standard GRiZ set the second night. We really can't wait to see what he has in store for us this time around as his video yesterday used a sample repeating "One more time," which has us wondering, will this be GRiZ's last Red Rocks show? We'll have to wait and see but for now be sure to grab presale tickets here with password: GRIZRRX18 Enjoy! 

GRiZ Teases Red Rocks Performance For 2018 In Epic New Video

GRiZ Red Rocks

GRiZ has been very cryptic on social media lately, leading us to speculate whether this next album is his last under the GRiZ project or not. While many questions are circulating around the TSIS favorite artist, one thing seems certain after today... GRiZ is returning to Red Rocks this year. However, his video seems to hint that this could be his last run as GRiZ at the iconic venue.

After clearing his Instagram and Tweeting messages like "I'm gonna miss u guys" and "It's really weird cause this new album really feels like the last one", it had us wondering, is GRiZ planning on moving on from this project after his next album? We're not sure, but at least he's just shared a video with the caption "Tomorrow" and a video using a sample that kept repeating "One more time." Does this mean he has one last Red Rocks show up his sleeve? Stay tuned for tomorrow to see his announcement and enjoy!

GRiZ Makes A Statement With Powerful Spoken Word Poem With Incredible Video

GRiZ poem

GRiZ is keeping us all on our toes. After cryptic messages and clearing his Instagram to only leave a picture of a blank sheet of paper, it had us wondering: Is GRiZ quitting music? Now he's caught us off guard by returning with a new video, but it's not exactly what we were expecting. 

He's shared a new video that's musical, but more like a powerful spoken word poem than a song. It's no secret that GRiZ is multi-talented artist, but it may not be as known that his artistic vision and passions go beyond music. Accompanied by a chill piano melody courtesy of Break Science and Pretty Lights Live Band's Borahm Lee, GRiZ finds himself on a stool, passionately reciting a powerful poem. The video is really amazingly done with one continuous camera shot while he puts his full emotion into his words brought to life by cartonish animations.

The poem repeats the phrase "It's about time we talked" a handful of times so perhaps he has an important discussion he needs to have with his fans... With all we've seen from him recently it still feels very possible he could be moving away from music, but we'll just have to wait and see. He ends saying "It's about time we talked, not yet, but soon" - we're not sure what it is he needs to talk about, but we're all ears. Enjoy!

GRiZ - It's About Time We Talked

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