Claude VonStroke & Bruno Furlan Share Bumping House Track “Book Is On The Table” From New Dirtybird Compilation

Claude VonStroke Book Is On The Table

With Dirtybird Campout East rapidly approaching, many of us fans were patiently awaiting the release of the imminent Campout Compilation that goes with it. Today, Dirtybird dropped that compilation, and it’s loaded with bangers that we’ve been hearing their DJs play out all year long. There’s plenty of familiar names that are featured on here like Justin Jay, Maximono, Dateless, Lucati, and Bot. The most anticipated track, however, would be the collaboration between Claude VonStroke and Bruno Furlan on “Book Is On The Table”.

This track has been on our radar for a while now, ever since Bruno Furlan dropped it during his banging Dirtybird Campout 2016 set. At the time, the track was listed as a solo Bruno Furlan tune, but it seems as though Dirtybird boss Claude VonStroke got his hands on it and added his flair to bring it to completion. If you know anything about Dirtybird, this track essentially embodies what they’re all about. Thick four-on-the-floor kicks, heavy bass, silly, nonsensical lyrics; elements that will have you dancing and giggling at the same time. Enjoy!

Claude VonStroke & Bruno Furlan - Book Is On The Table

[PREMIERE] Live House Duo GoldFish Deliver Uplifting 13-Track Album 'Late Night People' + Interview

Goldfish Late Night People Art

Live electronic act GoldFish have been making waves over the years and now are making their way back on the site for the premiere of their new album Late Night People we’ve been waiting for. The South African duo recently made the move to southern California and have delivered a bright 13-track album we’ll surely be coming back to.

GoldFish have a knack for crafting some incredibly catchy music and they’ve only gotten better and better over time. Throughout Late Night People’s 13 tracks they tap a number of different influences, effortlessly blending electronic production and organic instruments.

Per usual, their unique style of house is apparent with a dance-driven approach making use of bouncing, deep basslines, jazzy and bright melodies with uplifting vocals while sax lines are thrown in perfectly. They switch things up on a couple tracks with “No One Has To Know” being a more chilled-out, horn filled instrumental working incredibly well with the vocals as they really show off their versatility to craft a more subdued track from what we’re used to hearing from GoldFish.

Along with this premiere we had the pleasure of speaking with the duo about this release so be sure to check out our interview below. See dates for album releases parties below as well! Enjoy!

GoldFish - Late Night People

How did moving to the U.S. change your musical career?

Moving to the US is like swapping from a skateboard to a rocket ship. Cape Town will always be home, it is what shaped and grew us - and gave us the sound and world view we have today. But being here in the States means we can access so much more without having to travel 30 hours. That is just the reality of it and we’re loving all the new challenges of breaking into a new market as huge as the US. So far it’s been absolutely insane.

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

All the songs had their moments… and some definitely came together easier than others. But we had a lot of fun making ’No one has to know’ which we co-wrote with Ashe. She’s an amazing singer and songwriter. Late Night People with Soweto Kinch was also super fun. He is the most ridiculously talented Rapper and Sax Player and we really let loose creatively on this one. ‘Talk to me’ and ‘Bad luck and Trouble’ were also fun from a more dancefloor perspective. Bringing the analogue synth vibes counterpointed with acoustic samples of piano and sax/flute/clarinet is our whole deal. We always try bring that analogue feel to our stuff, whether it is a chill track or a banger.

What is the story and meaning behind this new project?

The story is make cool songs and do rad shit. Always has been. Late Night People is a collection of songs that we could release as one entity and have it make sense together. We really relish making albums as just doing singles all the time can force you down a certain path of expectations. That said, making albums is really hard because it feels far more of a statement than a single every couple months. It’s forever.

For those that haven’t had the chance to catch you perform, could you describe your live show and how you incorporate instruments with electronic production?

It’s a combination of live instruments including Sax, Flute, Keys and Electric Double Bass, smashed together with electronic beats into hybrid experience. We bring the excitement of a live band to the dancefloor. 

How did you approach this album differently than your previous works?

The approach is honestly the same every time. Make the best music we can and create stuff we can live with listening to in 10 years.

Album release parties:

October 12th- Samsung 837- New York, NY
October 14th- Music Box- San Diego

Autograf Remix Post Malone's "Congratulations" For A House Masterpiece [Free Download]

Autograf Post Malone

Autograf continue their hot streak in 2017 with a fresh new remix taking on the Post Malone hit "Congratulations". It was a track that's been in their live sets fans have been asking for so they passed it out for free. For this flip of the song, they decide to go full-on house with this smooth yet dark remix. It's something that could simultaneously work at a pool party and a late night after after party.

The track even switches things up midway through with an unexpected adding just the right touch to round it out. Don't miss Autograf when they come through your city with either their live or a DJ set. Grab a free download below and enjoy!

Post Malone - Congratulations (Autograf Remix) | Free Download

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