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PREMIERE | Rasmus Faber & Metaxas Deliver Extra Chill Soulful Song "Be Real" Via Majestic Casual

rasmus faber metaxas

Majestic Casual Records has been an a hot streak as of late. They seemingly put out some of the chillest new tunes and this one is no different. Today we have the pleasure of Premiering Swedish artist Rasmus Faber and Greek singer-songwriter Metaxas on their relaxing new collaboration "Be Real." The two have put their talents together to craft an unbelievably smooth song placing Metaxas' soulful vocals atop the slow rolling, funky and mellow instrumental blending instrumental elements with lush production. Enjoy!

Rasmus Faber & Metaxas - Be Real

PREMIERE | VALENTINE Makes TSIS Debut On Bright Experimental Single "Falling"


Rising artist VALENTINE is someone to keep an eye on this year. He’s been making a name for himself, pumping out forward-thinking dance tunes left and right and harnessing his unique sound design. VALENTINE is gearing up to release his debut concept album, Falling, which tells the love story of him and his fiancé. The album will be dropped track-by-track in the form of “episodes,” paralleling its storytelling archetype. We are excited to premiere the first episode today, which consists of the the album's titular track “Falling” featuring Chuck Sutton.

The enigmatic artist hosted a website with a countdown leading up to this track release, which has been reset and is now counting down to what's assumed to be a track called "Be Mine."

Falling is the initial spark. When the two right people meet there is an undeniable force, a mysterious catalyst drawing them together. Whether a skittish glance across a room, a shared recognition of a special moment, or an inexplicable attraction, it’s obvious that this moment was always meant to happen. Nothing could have held these two bodies from the precipice of a cliff, sheltering them from the fall into ensuing beauty, agony, pleasure and envelopment. There is nothing deliberate about this plunge; neither person has any choice. For better or worse, they’re together until the end of this journey. 

This is is the beginning of another love story, specifically my love story.” - VALENTINE 

VALENTINE returns to his bouncy future bass style on “Falling,” incorporating playful mallet arpeggios and wide synth chords alongside Chuck Sutton’s textured vocals. He drops the track with heavy bass, a grainy lead, and tight drum fills, leading up to a flute-filled interlude with more vocals. VALENTINE breaks it down a second time and blasts us with his signature whipping future bass chords, hard kicks, and twinkling, robotic synths. This one comes via Majestic Casual Records. Enjoy!

VALENTINE - Falling | Download

PREMIERE | Dugong Jr Make TSIS Debut On Chill Electronic R&B Song "Voyager" Ft. Ruby Chase

dugong jr voyager ruby chase

Today we have the pleasure of introducing a talented artist Dugong Jr with the premiere of his mellow new song “Voyager” featuring Ruby Chase. This new song continues Majestic Casual’s spree of impressive label releases and we’re loving it.

Dugong puts his sound design on full display, incorporating pitched vocal samples as part of the instrumental joined by lush keys, soft synth melodies and crisp, syncopated percussion. The relaxing instrumental serves and the perfect foundation for for Ruby Chase’s angelic vocals to soar atop, along with Dugong’s own vocals tossed in before the soft guitar solo outdo. Enjoy!

Dugong Jr - Voyager (Ft. Ruby Chase)

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