Mura Masa

Mura Masa Delivers Incredible Remix Of Bonzai's "I Feel Alright"

Mura Masa Bonzai

Mura Masa does not stop… He’s just recently released his debut, self-titled album and has kept the new music coming with a loose single “Untitled” and a remix of Bonzai’s “I Feel Alright”. 

The two recently linked up on Mura Masa’s album for a collaboration on “Nuggets”, and now Mura has given the track his remix treatment. Bonzai is an exciting rising artist with an experimental sound I’ve been loving and her original track is no different. Mura Masa recreates the instrumental, removing the experimental production and replacing it with a new, summertime-ready melody that is sounding amazing. Listen to the remix and original tracks below. Enjoy!

Bonzai - I Feel Alright (Mura Masa Remix)

Bonzai - I Feel Alright

Mura Masa Surprises With Album Follow-Up Track "Untitled"

Mura Masa Untitled

Following the release of his debut self-titled album only two weeks ago, Mura Masa has surprised fans with a follow up track “Untitled” featuring Moses Boyd. The outlandish experientialism and prosperous creativity that was exhibited on his album is displayed once again with this unexpected release. 

The song starts with soft bells and powerful piano chords which provide the backbone for “Untitled”. The track progresses thoroughly as it gradually adds unique sounds and elements. The climax of the song is up-tempo with garage influence using deliberate snares and abrasive synths. “Untitled” is not necessarily a song for the majority, but rather an exhibit of Mura Masa’s capabilities and a validation of his recent album… Enjoy!

Mura Masa - Untitled 

Mura Masa Drops Stunning Debut Self-Titled Album ‘Mura Masa’

Mura Masa Album

Over the past couple years, Mura Masa has rapidly risen to worldwide fame. The 21-year-old producer brings a take to electronic music that’s fresh for the industry, utilizing unexpected instruments like flutes, steel drums and xylophones to create a crisp, forward-thinking signature sound. Since the announcement of the release date for his debut, self-titled album back in April, Mura Masa has kept the anticipation high with release after release from the offering, including “All Around The World,” “Blu,” “Second 2 None,” “Nuggets” and “helpline,” all of which feature notable guest artists. July 14 is finally here, and with it comes the full release of Mura Masa’s highly anticipated album.

All 13 tracks on Mura Masa embody the unique signature that the young producer has developed for himself. It features a few tracks that he released throughout 2016 along with the five singles that came out in the past few months, as well as a handful of brand new material. “Messy Love” is one of these new tracks, and could be the best example of Mura Masa’s ability to layer vastly different elements into one beautiful harmony – the track features xylophone, bubbling sounds of water, harp, vocals, various percussion styles, psychedelic guitar riffs and masterful production to create a stunning finished product. “Who Is it Gonna B” feat. A.K. Paul is yet another impressive new release that effortlessly blends genres, incorporating sounds of nature, a primal percussion style and atmospheric vocals with the always-stellar production.

Even with many tracks already being released, this album still sounds fresh, unexpected and new. With it Mura Masa has solidified himself as a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to continue seeing him grow as an artist. Check out Mura Masa below and enjoy!

Mura Masa - Mura Masa | Purchase

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