ZHU & Nero Share Haunting Music Video For Collaboration "Dreamz"

ZHU Nero

When ZHU and Nero teased their collaborative trackDreamz” back in June, it was a TSIS dream come true. Fast forward to August 18th, when ZHU dropped his ‘stardustexhalemarrakechdreams’ EP including “Dreamz” alongside three other stunning tracks. Now today, “Dreamz” has received a visual accompaniment and it is, well…. Weird. Very. Weird.

The video directed by Elliott Sellers and Erik Ferguson involves a bunch of CG, rubbery, naked humans dancing and flying through the air with haunting lighting… it is a scene that is as sinister as the song itself and that can only be understood after watching. In addition, ZHU has announced he's bringing his Blacklizt party to San Francisco for New Years Eve. Enjoy?

ZHU & Nero - Dreamz | Official Music Video

Nero Return With A Re-Imagining Of Their Classic Single “Innocence”

Nero Innocence reopened

Legendary electronic trio Nero popped back up on our radar this year after member Joseph Ray released a chilling solo track titled "Inside" at the beginning of June. At the end of the same month, ZHU began to tease an upcoming collaboration with the trio before finally releasing it on a new EP only weeks ago. Today, Nero has returned without any warning, releasing new original music for the first time in over two years with a new take on their classic single “Innocence”.

The London-based trio has given “Innocence” a completely new sound in what they’re calling “Innocence (Reopened)”. At a full two minutes longer than the 2010 original, this new version completely abandons the captivating dubstep sound from its predecessor. Instead, the “reopened” version takes on the form of progressive house, characterized by dark atmospheric pads, gritty synth stabs and energetic electronic percussion all while keeping Alana Watson’s distinctive vocals intact.

The re-imagining of “Innocence” was uploaded to Nero’s soundcloud at the same time as another new single titled “Blade Runner 2049 (demo)”. While the title is obviously in reference to the upcoming second installment of 1982 cult classic film, it’s uncertain if the trio will be included on its soundtrack. And while we’re hoping to see more new music from Nero in the near future, we’ll have to make due with these new releases. Check out “Innocence (Reopened)” below and enjoy!

Nero - Innocence (Reopened)



Nero have also uploaded this tune to their Soundcloud. 

 Blade Runner 2049 (demo)

ZHU Teases Upcoming Nero Collaboration “Dreamz” With Cryptic Video

ZHU Nero Dreamz

ZHU has been increasingly active these past few months, first hinting at new music in March. Since then, he has gone on to release three new tracks: “Nightcrawler,” “Intoxicate,” and his remix of Gorillaz's recent track “Andromeda.” Last month, ZHU released the music video for “Intoxicate,” which gave off nightmarish vibes with a woman running around a warehouse filled with mannequins. Today ZHU has shared a teaser video for his upcoming collaboration with Nero titled “Dreamz.”

The trailer for “Dreamz” maintains the same dark vibe as the video for “Intoxicate,” with mannequin-like bodies strewn about the ground. The bodies appear to come to life and move to the beat of this upcoming collaboration. The sample we get of “Dreamz” begins with an ominous choir and robotic samples. The samples continue throughout the heavy kick, snare, and bassline as heavenly vocals echo overhead.

From what we gather from the video, “Dreamz” is shaping up to be a huge collaboration between ZHU and Nero. Both artists’ production styles shine and blend together seamlessly on this track. ZHU is gearing up for his sold-out show called The Blacklizt at a secret warehouse in New York this weekend. Check out the teaser for “Dreamz” below and enjoy!

ZHU & Nero - Dreamz (Teaser)

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