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Porter Robinson Threw An Artistic Warehouse Rave For Debut Virtual Self Live Show

Virtual Self

As the lights faded on his debut show as VIRTUAL SELF, Porter Robinson grabbed the mic for the first time in his 2.5 hour set and addressed the crowd with an emotional speech explaining why he wanted to share this project with us.

For the last two years I’ve been wanting to play all this music and I had it all, all this time and I wouldn’t play any of it in a Porter Robinson DJ set. I was really waiting for this so it could be all one thing. And this has been a really, really long time coming and it’s my favorite thing in the world. - Porter Robinson

VIRTUAL SELF and last night’s UTOPiA warehouse rave are the result of Porter’s dedication to self-expression and connecting with his audiences through an immersive musical experience. This commitment isn’t new – Porter is known for putting on cohesive, emotional sets that leave people amazed and inspired. But VIRTUAL SELF is unique because Porter created it to express a side of himself that was not “Porter Robinson,” and in order to engage this side with his fans he crafted an immersive experience to introduce them to the new project. 

Before the release of the debut VIRTUAL SELF EP, Porter launched a cinematic VIRTUAL SELF website featuring two characters with distinct musical styles that combine to make VIRTUAL SELF. Soon after that, rumors began circling of a VIRTUAL SELF show in New York after a fan found a poster in Brooklyn that matched the project’s aesthetic and simply hinted “12.08.17.” Porter eventually confirmed the rumors, put tickets up for sale, and his loyal fan base made sure the show quickly sold out. 

All of this culminated in a massive gathering of music-lovers in a Brooklyn warehouse to witness Porter’s next move. After the openers DV-i and Raito finished their sets, VIRTUAL SELF introduced himself with hard-hitting techno opener that unleashed the crowd’s energy and set the tone for the night. The set itself defied any genre labeling as it seamlessly blended electronic elements from drum & bass, techno, house, and hardcore. The visual production used a song-customized combination of lasers, spotlights and strobes to take the crowd experience to new levels on each track. Text displaying cryptic phrases like “Am I still human?” or “This abyss is sacred.” frequently appeared on a screen behind Porter and added an existential feeling to an already otherworldly performance.

Porter’s passion on stage left no doubt that he was as hooked on VIRTUAL SELF as the crowd, and the entire night had a feeling of being the beginning of something exciting. The next VIRTUAL SELF show will be at the Buku Music + Art Project in New Orleans where attendees will be lucky enough to share in that passion themselves.

See videos from the performance below and enjoy!

Porter Robinson Shares Self-Titled 5-Track ‘Virtual Self’ EP Under New Moniker

Virtual Self Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson surprised us all a few weeks back when he announced his brand new project, Virtual Self. Today, after recently announcing his debut show as Virtual Self and linking fans to a cryptic website and forum, Porter has finally released a full-length, self-titled body of work - Virtual Self EP

While Virtual Self as a whole seems to draw on many of Porter’s musical influences, this self-titled 5-track EP is an incredible departure from the Porter we’ve come to know. Although immediately recognizable are his previously released singles “Eon Break” and “Ghost Voices”, from lighthearted, ethereal synths and playful vocal chops to heavy drum & bass inspired breakbeat filled drops, listeners are taken on a sonic journey throughout the entirety of the EP. Judging by the numerous playback sections of Porter’s new website that are titled “UNKNOWN”, we may be in for some more Virtual Self in the future, but with the little that is known about Virtual Self in general, only time will tell. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Virtual Self EP below and enjoy!

Virtual Self - Virtual Self EP

Porter Robinson Shares Second Single "Ghost Voices" Under New Alias, Virtual Self

Porter robinson Virtual Self Ghost Voices

Exactly two weeks ago, Porter Robinson returned with a new single “Eon Break” under the alias Virtual Self. While little information surrounding the new project has been released, a few days ago a reddit user by the name of shirazdh discovered a Virtual Self event dated for December 8 at the Avant Gardner in Brooklyn. New comments on the reddit post from users who have supposedly contacted the venue, now suggest that the show may be 18+ and that tickets will announced in the near future. Amidst all the confusion and excitement, today Porter has shared yet another incredible single under his new alias, titled, “Ghost Voices”.

This latest single is special for a couple of reasons. While Virtual Self’s first release, “Eon Break” embodied a sound relatively different from what we’re used to from Porter (i.e. Worlds or even Spitfire), it catered more to Porter’s influences, namely, video games like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). And although this latest track, characterized by a bass-heavy 4/4 trance house vibe, continues to widen the gap between Porter’s, well, virtual and physical producer identities, traces of Porter’s production methods can be heard throughout.

Wispy vocal chops, glitchy sound design and even some vibrant atmospheric plucks, almost reminiscent of the intro to “Spitfire”, give the listener some confirmation that Virtual Self is in fact Porter. Check out “Ghost Voices” below and keep an eye out for more Virtual Self, as it seems a two-week Wednesday release pattern may possibly be emerging. Enjoy!

Virtual Self - Ghost Voices

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