About Us

Hey friends, readers, followers new and old.

First off thanks for following Thissongissick. Whether this is the first time on the site or you’ve been an everyday follower the past 6 years, it’s been quite the ride since I started the blog in our dorm at CU in 2010, just hoping to share new music I was finding with people who might enjoy it.

Since then we’ve established our selves as one of the only places you can go to and be able to discover new music worth listening to. While we love to continue to cover select artists that have gone on and seen radio success and big label deals, our bread and butter is discovering the artists that haven’t quite broke and giving them that push they deserve.

These days, TSIS is more than just me blogging away in my dorm. We’ve expanded and built an incredibly close-knit team including Jordan, Ben, Jake, Bryan, Conor and Aaron. Plan on hearing more about them soon.

Through all of this I’ve never wanted to steer away from what you’ve come to love, so I’ve always been weary of changing our straightforward website layout. But there’s a variety of features that we think the site will heavily benefit from – like songs continuously playing between posts, better recommendations of other songs you might like based on posts you are a fan of, and much more – without ruining what you’ve come to love. The first part is this initial face-lift which cleans up our logo, loads a ton faster, and WORKS ON MOBILE.

It’s been incredible meeting so many readers, fans, and friends of the site new and old over the years. Through various live events that TSIS has presented – like our annual 2 day red rocks party Rowdytown or at our booth activations and secret late night sets at festivals like Electric Forest – we’ve gotten to know people we never imagined we’d meet.

Because your support has given us the power to influence so many artists and fans, we thought it only made sense to open up more of a fluent communication between us as we transition into rolling out these new changes.

I want to make sure that all of these initial changes are things you are into, so drop a line letting us know you’re digging the direction. I would LOVE to hear about what features you would like to see added to the site, and I’m personally going to be responding to every single comment left through this comment form, so exciting to speaking with all of you soon!

To say I surpassed my initial goal of sharing new music with a few of my friends would be quite the understatement. There are few things that bring me more joy in life then finding out that TSIS helped you discover a new artist you would have never known about otherwise, or more then that an entire genre or as big as the entire electronic world. And we hope to continue being your source for years to come.

This is just first of a variety of very exciting changes happening with TSIS this year that we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing with you soon!

Also, if you are trying to get your or a friend’s music on TSIS, we have now launched a MUCH improved submissions process and dedicated page. Follow the steps there and send your tracks on through. Any other comments cen be sent via this BETA feedback form.