Adam Pallin Goes Solo with New Project, 1-900, Releases Disco-Infused Single “DON’T YOU LOVE IT”


Having produced for beloved artists from The Knocks to Princess Nokia, Adam Pallin felt like it was finally time for him to take the spotlight for himself. His brand new project, 1-900, features solo production, writing, and performance from Pallin, acting as a true showcase of what the aspiring artist is capable of. As we near closer to the release of his debut EP in the fall, 1-900 presents his latest single, “DON’T YOU LOVE IT.”

Clearly inspired by disco and soul roots, “DON’T YOU LOVE IT” nurtures a care-free energy, laden with funky horn riffs and falsetto vocal hooks. Pallin’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist is made evident through tasty licks and intuitive chord choices. We can’t wait to continue following Adam’s journey as a solo artist, and anticipate this debut EP to be something truly special.

You can stream “DON’T YOU LOVE IT” at the link below. Enjoy!