10 Colorado Bass Producers Who Are Pushing Sonic Boundaries

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It’s no mistake that many refer to Denver as the “bass capitol.” Being based here, we have the fortunate pleasure of being exposed to some of the most forward-thinking, top-shelf, low-end music that there is to offer.

Over the past year, regardless of quarantine/lockdown measures, these Colorado-based producers have creatively thrived, conjuring up some ridiculously cool sub-rattling sounds.

Some specialize in cataclysmic bangers like kLL sMth and Mersiv, while others gravitate to more of a storytelling approach like Of The Trees or DMVU. pheel. and NotLö can move you with minimalistic sub-bass expertise. VEIL and Detox Unit can grip you with haunting synth work. No matter which style you prefer, the level of artistic creativity is something to behold.

Below are 10 producers who have been creating amazing sonic-scapes with their music, paired with our favorite recent release of theirs. Get them on your radar and keep them there. Enjoy!

1. Of The Trees


3. NotLö

4. kLL sMTH


6. pheel.

7. Dillard

8. Ceiva

9. Detox Unit

10. Mersiv