10 Funniest Boiler Room Crowds Of All Time

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For over a decade now, London-based Boiler Room has been dropping iconic sets all over the world. It’s the pinnacle of success for electronic producers and they never fail to bring the heat when they’re invited.

But we quickly learned that the music isn’t the only amazing part of watching a Boiler Room set, it’s the people you have to look out for. Kaytranada‘s Montreal set is one of the most cited videos of all time in terms of wild Boiler Room crowds, but we went into the archives to look for even more you’ll enjoy.

Here are the 10 funniest Boiler Room crowds of all time.

1. Kaytranada, Montreal (2013)

Kaytra said he’s sick of people mentioning this set, but honestly, it’s like a trainwreck… you just can’t look away. You could watch this 10 times over, paying attention to a different person each time, and you wouldn’t get bored. One of the most iconic BR sets of all time, wethinks.

2. RL Grime, LA (2012)

Another gold mine of everyone in the crowd just off the shits. But what more can you expect when you’re at a wild trap set like this?

3. Solomun, Tulum (2015)

Look no further for some of the best dance moves you’ll ever see.

4. Anklepants, Berlin (2014)

Jesus Christ.


5. Thom Yorke, London (2012)

It’s actually hilarious how nobody’s dancing. Thom Yorke is ripping bangers and you’re just standing there?

6. Disclosure b2b Skream, London (2012)

What’s the last party you went to that erupted into a full-on pillow fight? Check out the 49-minute mark on this one.

7. Von Bikräv, Toulouse (2019)

Gabber will always bring out a cast of characters. The 42-minute mark here is great.

8. Otto von Schirach, Berlin (2014)

It’s time to get weird, y’all.

9. Dengue Dengue Dengue, Lisbon (2016)

The whole crowd is bumpin’ during this set, but everyone Dengue Dengue Dengue let on stage makes the whole set.

10. Honey Dijon, Berlin (2017)

A legend like Honey Dijon is bound to bring out dance music fans of all ages. The best part? They all know how to party.