1788-L Delivers Complex, Industrial New 4-Track ‘S Y N T H E T I K’ EP

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1788-L has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past year. Having burst onto the scene only recently, quickly carving out a destructive path through the bass music spectrum with their dark, intricate sound – today the enigmatic producer has impressed yet again with their brand new S Y N T H E T I K EP.

After the sonic carnage that 1788-L delivered on their debut S E N T I E N C E EP, we knew we were in for a treat with this new offering. Having doled out a multitude of wild originals and remixes in such a short timespan, if there is truly is human behind the 1788-L machine, all we can say is they must really have a screw loose.

Although included on this new project is 1788-L’s recently released single “M A L F U N K T” featuring some fresh new collabs with Slooze, Totto and josh pan, from shrill, mechanical highs to sinister, mind-bending lows, the musical automaton seems to only get better with every release – and this latest is definitely no exception. Check out 1788-L’s new S Y N T H E T I K EP below and enjoy!

1788-L – S Y N T H E T I K EP