PREMIERE | 1tbsp Goes Full Underground On ‘It’s Very Loud’ EP


Call him, Maxwell. Call him, Golden Vessel. Call him, 1tbsp. Whatever you call him, the man can make some music. The latest project from Maxwell Byrne, 1tbsp, has been a treat to follow gifting us with some truly tasty dance music. The latest work from the alter ego, a new EP titled, It’s Very Loud, finds the Australian take on his most energetic sound yet and we’re excited to be able to give you an exclusive listen.

“My new EP, It’s Very Loud, is all about self-expression and making music that excites me enough that I want to share it and use it in my DJ sets,” 1tbsp shares. “It’s a pretty simple concept but sometimes other things get in the way, and I wanted to make this louder than previous things I’ve made.” 

These four tracks pack some serious underground heat. The tempo is pumped but the energy stays balanced as expertly manipulated samples and synths keep us grounded but groovin. Add these to your USB to impress any party you might be playing at, and stream 1tbsp’s new EP, It’s Very Loud, below. Enjoy!

1tbsp – It’s Very Loud