Golden Vessel Unveils New ‘1tbsp’ Side Project With Beautiful & Intricate Lofi House EP ‘kanashī’

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Maxwell Byrne is certainly not short of outlets to channel his musical ideas. We last checked in with him as Golden Vessel last year, when he released his sophomore album colt, a distinctive and beautiful combination of indie, pop, and electronic sounds. Aside from being one third of group Lucky Idiot, Byrne’s newest project, 1tbsp, is one that will totally grip you if you’re fond of the lofi house style of artists like Four Tet, Mall Grab, or Harrison BDP. 1tbsp’s debut EP, entitled kanashī, immerses listeners immediately with its silky grooves and warm instrumentation.

In a genre where it can be difficult to put forward captivating and fresh sounds, Byrne has done well to formulate his own distinctive lofi fuzz. Byrne spoke about this new side project, and he’s done a great job addressing how the new style affects his process-

” With Golden Vessel I’d try to make the songs as concise as possible but with these songs have more room to breathe, I can make them longer, more simple and repetitive, which can in a way be more challenging.” 

Byrne’s patience is evident in the EP’s careful progressions and intricate layers. Crisp percussion, sublime synths, and grooving basslines all come together seamlessly through Byrne’s exceptional mixing and composing. The project flows seamlessly from one song to the next, beginning with the moving melody and ticking hi hats of lead track “Calico” that leads into the enchanting “I Know I Get” with its warming vocal chops and bright colors. The B side leaves listeners with more room to wonder and ponder, with the moody and mercurial “In Europe, Kinda Sad” and the exultant and uplifting title track “kanashī.” 

It’s clear that whatever Byrne sets out to create, he’s got the tools to make it beautiful. Check out the EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

1tbsp – kanashī