2 BANGER Remixes: Kelis – 4th of July (Rusko & Calvin Harris Remixes)

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Kelis, most remember her as the girl who did "that one milkshake song", but working with Benny Benassi to make 'Acapella' proved to show that she has a lot more to offer then simply her "milkshake". 'Acapella' has been getting lots of exposure all over, and her newest track  '4th of July' is another sick single. The original is good, but I've got two remixes, one by a thissongissick favorite Rusko, and another by Calvin Harris. The first by Rusko is sick, and has the expected Rusko feel, with a little intense edge to it. Turn up the bass and enjoy, if it's a little to heavy and you're looking for something with a little more groove, try the Calvin Harris remix.

4th of July (Rusko Remix) – Kelis | Download


I've been listening to a lot fo Calvin Harris lately and this remix should show why. He's got a flavor of music that makes you wanna dance, without being a total BANGER. I think I'm leaning towards the Calvin Harris version, but listen to both and post your favorite and enjoy as always!

4th of July (Calvin Harris Remix) – Kelis | Download


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