2 Fresh Sam Adams Tracks! Sooo sick

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Alright so the Sam Adam's post of 'I Hate College' is still one of the most downloaded tracks posted on the site. And recently I got my hands on his Boston Boy ep which is sooooo sick. He makes music appealing to the college audience, and well. This track starting off the ep 'Coming Up' is so sick. It's got a really well done beat and Sam's signature vocals. You'll be sure to see more of this guy. Enjoy!

Coming Up – Sam Adams

01 Comin' Up

Download (Click Link on Page)

Next is another real sick song outta Sam Adams aka Wiz. It's an almost ballad type feel to it, and the signature Sammy Adams feel. Slow at first, but picks up, enjoy guys!

Driving Me Crazy – Sam Adams

02 Driving Me Crazy

Download (Click Link on Page)