2 More New Banger Akon Songs by David Guetta!!

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So after hearing the last Guetta track I just posted, I started getting excited about Akon's new album. Well rumors are true and David Guetta is confirmed for 3 songs on Akon's new upcoming album. After hearing these two and 'Life of a Superstar' I'm pretty excited to see this new album get all over the radio. The first new track I've got today is called 'Party Animal' and it has a real sick beat, David Guetta always doing work, and Akon's voice isn't bad. This song and the others have such a raw Euro Club feel. There's even a part in this song towards the end that does the club/rave "Whoo Whoo!" thing, you'll hear it if you know what i'm talking about. Enjoy!

Party Animal – Akon Prod. By David Guetta | Download

Party Animal (Prod. by David Guetta)

This next one is a little bit slower then the other Akon/Guetta collabs, yet it still has that House energy. Give it a good listen with some speakers, and enjoy this American/European collaboration. It may sound like I'm rambling but I really think that this new Akon cd is going to continue to transform the American mainstream to more of a club feel. Well enjoy the songs and let me know what your thoughts are on this collab!

Nosy Neighbor – Akon Prod. David Guetta | Download

Nosy Neighbor (Prod. by David Guetta)

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