2 Real Sick Tracks from Atmosphere’s ‘When Life Gives You Lemons..”


So I got some good feedback from the last Atmosphere post, so I figured some tracks from his past album should get seen by all. The album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold released in 2008 was unlike any of his previous albums. It had a very mainstream feel, mainly the beats and the lack of depressive lyrics, but distinctly different. It was like Slug, the rapper, was a completely different guy. Well this first one 'Shoulda Known' is one many have looked over, it's some real sick synths and good lyrics. Turn up the speakers as this one bumps for sure

Shoulda Known – Atmosphere


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Next up is the single off of the 08' album "You". This was the first real mainstream, catchy, radio-friendly single Atmosphere ever came out with, and it really launched their popularity. It's such a sick song with an awesome beat you'll find yourself playing over and over. Well a lot of you might have this one, but if not you really should as it's a classic for sure. Well enjoy guys!

You – Atmosphere


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