2 Sick Brand New Rusko Bangers! King of Dubstep


So a lot of you are becoming more familiar with Dubstep, and more importantly Rusko. And this DJ who has moved to the states in the past couple months and making a HUUGE name for himself, and his newest album O.M.G! which just dropped showcases his potential as a DJ. This first song "My Mouth" is siiick, bass bangs hard, I know you will enjoy it.

My Mouth – Rusko | Download


Next up is a collaboration with Gucci Mane, and it hits pretty hard, for the all the dubstep fans you're gonna love it. Give this song a chance as it really impressed me, since Gucci Mane and Rusko together didn't sound like the greatest combo. Be sure to purchase his new album via iTunes, link below. And if you're in Colorado don't miss Rusko tearing it up at Red Rocks at this years Global Dance Festival.

Got Da Groove – Rusko ft. Gucci Mane | Download


Purchase All of Rusko's Music including O.M.G! via iTunes Here