2 Sick Chamillionaire Songs – 1 Banger and his take on ‘Feels Good to be a Gangster’


So right here i've got 2 sick sick Chamillionaire songs. The first is a banger party song called 'Main Event' which is such a sick banger. It's your classic party song. And the lyrics are fitting for the upcoming concert ThisSongIsSick.com is helping present in Denver, Colorado featuring Chamillionaire as the main event. Well enjoy this song, and stay tuned as I am throwing up a post dedicated to this concert tomorrow evening with all the details

Main Event – Chamillionaire


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Next up is a sick chill Chamillionaire classic which samples the beat of the classic rap song "Feels Good to be A Gangster". Now i'm not from Texas, but I still love this song. It's pretty chill, but still captures that Chamilionaire energy. Enjoy!

Feels Good – Chamillionaire

04 – Feels Good

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