2 Sick ‘I Wanna Rock’ Remixes ft. Jay-Z and Ludacris and ft. Travis Barker


Alright so some may have heard this remix, but a lot haven't. It's one of the very few "official remixes"  that i've posted. The original official featured Jay-Z, and this also features Ludacris. Well a lot of you have the original, but the added verses are pretty sick. Well it's a sick beat, and sick lyrics. Enjoy!

I Wanna Rock (Remix) – Snoop Dogg ft. Jay-Z and Ludacris

Snoop Dogg f. Jay-Z _ Ludacris – I Wanna Rock _Remix_

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Next up is a real sick bonus rock remix. It features the drumming of Travis Barker (from Blink 182), who is known to collaborate with various Hip-Hop figures. Well I guess you could say Barker really makes this remix "rock" haha. It's sick let me know which remix you like more.

BONUS I Wanna Rock (Travis Barker G-Mix) – Snoop Dogg


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