2 Sick New Rap Songs: Hypnautic – ‘Killing Mics ft. Denver Nuggets DJ Bedz’ & ‘Future Fire ft. Teran G’

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So I've listened to countless random rappers who are beginning to saturate the internet music world. Some simply have pretty lame beats and not much stands out. If you really want to stand out, and still have that mainstream style, you have to be pretty sick, and Hypnautic is one those who stand out. This rapper repping Denver recently dropping his Purple Rain album is starting to show that he is a serious rapper, which is something hard to do as a white rapper who is not going for the more comical college rapper image like Sam Adams, Asher Rother, Chris Webby, etc and instead for more of a serious "gangster" tone. First up is a track collaborating with Denver Nuggets official DJ, DJ Bedz, who does some siiick spinning I might add, as well as featuring King Tef. The track is called 'Killing Mics' and it reminds me of David Banner somewhat, with the raw energy and sick beats accompanying it. Enjoy!

Killing Mics – Hypnautic ft. DJ Bedz & King Tef | Download

Killin Mics ft. DJ Bedz & King Tef

This next track definitely has a different feel, which perfectly shows how versatile I see Hypnautic can be. This song has more of Mainstream slightly poppy Hip-Hop track. It features Teran G who is from the UK, and although he does use an auto-tune, it turns out working surprisingly well. At first I thought this song sounded a little to cliche mainstream for me, but it really has something different and is pretty catchy after a couple verses, give it a full listen through, and I assure most of you will end of downloading it. Hypnautics part is short at the end, but it compliments the song nicely.

Future Fire – Hypnautic ft. Teran G | Download


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