2 Sick Songs from B.o.B – One using a Beatles sample and Nothin’ on You remix


So some of you have started hearing from the very talented B.O.B. recently in his latest hit seeing some radio airplay "Nothin' On You", which I've included the latest official remix below this first track. He's another up and comer in the rap scene, and reminds me of Wiz Khalifa and Lupe Fiasco a little bit. Well the first song samples The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby", and it is done so perfectly. It reminds me of the MGMT kids remix posted earlier in how they take a short sample and turn it into a brand new rap song. Well give it a listen and i'm sure you'll enjoy.

Lonely People (Eleanor Rigby Sample) – B.o.B.


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Next up is a remix of the song seeing radio time "Nothin' On You", so i'm gonna be honest I feel that most of the music getting played on the radio these days is…. well not the best. And I was surprised by this one, I think it's got a good beat, and nice contrast between the vocals and rapping. Well if you haven't heard the original, enjoy this for the first time, and if you have enjoy this remix featuring Big Boi. Enjoy guys!

Nothin' On You (Remix ft. Big Boi) – B.o.B.


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