3 More Sick Songs from Grieves – For Fans of Atmosphere

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A lot of you guys loved the last Grieves post, and you guys also asked for some more, well here it is. Here's 3 super sick songs from him 1 more from his new ep like the last post, and 2 from his 2009 album 88 Keys and Counting.  He has a very sick an unique sound, this rapper has got a bright future ahead of him. He resembles atmosphere in in some ways but has a distinct style sets him apart. This first one is from his latest Confessions of Mr. Modest EP. It's got a sick piano, and sick beat, and Grieves' rapping is sick of course. Listen and enjoy

Grieves – Dirtnap Nightmares

03 – Dirtnap Nightmares [Explicit]

Download (Click Link on Page)

Now the first one off of 88 Keys and Counting is a sickk song. It's got alot of energy, especially for Grieves, sick chorus and sick rapping throughout the whole song, this guy has got some talent. Not much else to say, enjoy

Grieves – Kings

03 – Kings

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Lastly another from 88 Keys, and it's soo sick as all of his tracks are. It's called Dead in the Water and is it's got a lot chiller slower of a beat. The Chorus is siiick, just listen and you'll see. Let me know your thoughts, enjoy!

Grieves – Dead in the Water

05 – Dead in the Water

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