3 New Sick Poppy Dance Songs From 3Oh!3 Floating Around from ‘Streets Of Gold’

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So 3oh!3 is pretty sick in my book, and they are from Boulder also. Honestly I get blown away at how big they are getting. Little fact, I made one of their first web banners, it was animated and had a deer moving haha. Well I think that they make pretty solid music even if it is getting incredibly poppy. They embrace the white guy rapper/wolf shirt wearing image, and I fully support the wolf shirt movement that is somehow become a cool thing to do in some areas of America. Well their whole new cd Streets Of Gold which is dropping June 29th is incredibly mainstream and poppy, and some of their original fans might not like it, but I think it's not that bad. And since I've supported this group since there were hand sewn "3Oh3 hand" shirts, It's only right I feature them. After a few listens this songs become incredibly catchy.  Some of these tracks have been floating around for a couple of  weeks, but here's all the tracks out from the new album. This first one just got a music video made featuring Ke$ha, some of you hate her, but whatever. Enjoy this song, or pass on it.

My First Kiss – 3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha | Download


Next is 'Touchin On My' which starts off very slow, but has a pretty sick beat. It has a very poppy vibe to it, but I still think it's pretty sick. I just read that this album was produced by Matt Squire, who is known for other groups with a huge pop sound, Panic At the Disco and Boys Like Girls to name a few.

Touchin On My – 3Oh!3 | Download

Touchin On My

Last is the latest released single, and probably my least favorite. Not just because it sounds literally like an 80's pop group, but it just doesn't have anything that I like about 3oh!3. It doesn't have that badass vibe, but more of a popstar vibe.  Well let me know what your thoughts are on new 3Oh!3.

Déjà Vu – 3Oh!3 | Download


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