3LAU Brings In Over $11.6 Million In Crypto Art NFT Auction

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3LAU continues to be a pioneer for musicians, embracing new ways of adding value to their art and leading the charge of redefining what’s possible. This passed Saturday night, he completed record-breaking series of NFT auctions for his album Ultraviolet. The final amount came in at $11,684,101 across the 33 top winning bids.

We recently made an in-depth guide to NFTs and how they are redefining the art world.

He hosted the auction on his own website through a custom technology solution created by Origin Protocol. It was a beautifully crafted user experience that rivaled most of the marketplaces out there. You could easily participate in the auction by paying with either credit card or Ethereum-based stablecoins. The top 33 final bids were the winners, and all of those who participated without winning won a participation NFT.

This was the first-ever tokenized album release. The album, Ultraviolet, is three years old. What does that mean though?

From the top 33 bids, there was 1 bidder who won the Platinum prize, 5 bidders who won the Gold prize, and 27 other bidders who won Silver.

3LAU turned every track on the album into it’s own NFT

Each NFT had it’s own artwork / visual, both of which were animated by 3LAU himself and feature the track’s audio. There are 11 songs on Ultraviolet, so there were 11 NFTs minted. They had different levels of rarity.

There was one “platinum” prize winner who, on top of receiving all 11 of the album’s NFTs, will also be giving feedback to 3LAU to take part in collaborating and creating a unique 1-of-1 NFT.

It seems like 3LAU is writing the playbook at the moment for how musicians are utilizing NFTs in creative and meaningful ways.

We can’t wait to find out what he’s up to next and what other artists do around their albums in this space.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be watching music help lead the charge in so many ways in the unreal world of NFTs.