3LAU – “Back To New” Give Back to Pop Campaign + Blau Haus #1 : Powerful Fundraiser Video + 40 Minute House Mix


So the guy who's taking bootlegs and mashups to new levels has an exciting new project. This video starts by talking about how connected and powerful electronic music is becoming in the country. It then shows underprivileged kids, and moves on to coming up witha solution of building schools to help them out. On April 30th, 3LAU himself will release his first original production, a remix of James Egbert -"Back To New", which we previewed here. But to make things better, BLAU and his team are going to be donation all of the profit made to help build schools in underprivileged countries. And on top of that Justin Blau (BLAU) himself is going to match every purchase made to reach the goal of $25,000 even faster. Justin also tossed us a new mix, complete with exclusive download, Blau Haus #1, an hour long mix featuring a great mixture of some of his unreleased mashups, bootlegs, and remixes. Enjoy the video and mix!

3LAU – Blau Haus #1 (Mix) | Direct Download

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