3LAU’s Music NFT Won By T-Mobile CEO For 1.3 Million

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In the latest chapter of Justin Blau, 3LAU, paving the way for the musicians breaking into the limitless potential world of NFTs, we have a lot to unpack.

Just 2 weeks ago, Justin made history with the largest NFT auction to date bringing in over 11.6 million. Now he’s teamed up with long-time digital artist collaborator Slime Sunday for the latest release on their collaborative project SSX3LAU.

The auction component of this collection completed earlier today and broke a new record with a final bid of $1,333,333. It was the largest auction final amount in Nifty Gateway’s history. The interesting thing here is that and it wasn’t an anonymous crypto bidder which the stigma has been built around who’s spending big money. It was from the lovable and eccentric CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere. I was able to be in a clubhouse room hearing John live bid in an adrenaline-packed final stretch. It was also revealed there that his daughter Christina Legere would be given the responsibility for naming it. It turns out they are huge fans of Justin, his music and what he stands for.

No one saw that coming and is a massive step forward for further legitimizing the NFT space in the mainstream which is starting to get some mixed opinions and not understood by some.

The rest of the collection released on Nifty Gateway consisted of 4 different open edition pieces which were announced to be the last OE pieces they would ever be releasing. The price points were $333, $3333, $6666, and $9999. Those were available for 333 seconds and brought in over 4 million making the total come just over 5 million. It almost doesn’t seem real at this point. Enjoy.

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