44 Ardent Drops Intimate Genre-Bending EP ‘intothedeep’


Writing music as a way to cope with the issues facing our environment and planet, inspirational producer, 44 Ardent, delivers another level of emotion through his music. Without even having to say it, there is a dimension of human-connection provided by his arrangements and production style. His newest record and debut EP, intothedeep, is his most expansive representation of work to date.

intothedeep incorporates the producer’s love for house music, while also staying true to his lo-fi roots. Ambient synths scatter most every track on the EP, coupled with a collection of vocal samples and delicate piano playing. Embracing the warmest, saturated sounds and textures, the entire EP feels cohesive as one piece of art. Standout track “nomoreheat” punches through with a blissfully deep kick, frequency-shifted vocal, and creatively rhythmic synths.

Here’s what 44 Ardent had to say about the process behind creating the intothedeep EP:

I initially wrote this EP in response to my feelings about climate change and habitat loss. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and channelled my energy into writing. As I kept writing, as usually tends to happen, the songs end up taking on lives of their own. There are seven songs now when there were only supposed to be four, and they cover a mixture of emotions and genres.

You can stream the full intothedeep EP at the link below, out everywhere via Mammal Sounds Records. Enjoy!

44 Ardent – intothedeep EP