Anonymous Project, 44Linden, Release Dreamy Debut Single “Velvet”


44Linden is the 4-story rundown house that plays home a new, anonymous collective project based in Allston, MA. Self-described purveyors of inter-dimensional, dark matter r&b, their sound brims with a brooding personality and a slickness comparable to that of Jai Paul, Jungle and Ben Khan. The anonymous collective’s debut single, “Velvet,” doesn’t hold back as it explores themes of infidelity, identity and drug use.

The track infuses the differing areas, soundscapes and personas that have resided with the walls of 44 Linden St. The smooth electronic building blocks lay underneath glittering, captivating and almost decadent production, whilst dreamy, wispy vocals glide over the top glueing everything together effortlessly.

Stream the 44Linden’s debut single below and enjoy!

44Linden – Velvet