6 Sick New Chiddy Bang Songs – Upbeat Poppy Electronic Rap


So I get mixed opinions on the group Chiddy Bang… Some say he is giving rap a bad name, while on the other hand the MGMT – Kids remix of theirs posted earlier is the second most downloaded song out of all of them on this site. Well despite what you think, the duo makes something that sounds different, and catchy. Well i've got their entire latest mini-mixtape: Air Swell divided into separate songs for you're listening pleasure. This mixtape has got some reeeall sick beats on it. I'm gonna start off with my favorite track off the ep "Pass Out", which features an apparent freestyle. Now i'm not gonna say he's one of my favorite rappers, or one of the most talented, but it's enjoyable, so enjoy!

Passout (Chiddy Bang Freestyle) – Chiddy Bang

Pass Out (Chiddy Bang Freestyle)

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Next up is a catchy little track called "Shooter", which samples parts of Major Lazer's anthem "Pon de Floor". And if I hadn't mentioned that you may have never realized it. Well it's a short 2 minute track that i'm imagining they will turn into a full-length track.

Shooter – Chiddy Bang


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Next is a track that features some interesting female vocals as well as a real interesting catchy beat. Well listen to this one for at least a minute to get to the rapping. And the beat gets sicker as the song goes on.

Under the Sheets- Chiddy Bang


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I'm starting to see a pattern with Chiddy Bang, they've been sampling/featuring a lot of odd indie sounding vocals in their songs. Well this one has a real cool piano remix sounding beat to it. Listen through and enjoy.

Hey London – Chiddy Bang

Hey London

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Next up is a song with a very intriguing beat, as it starts with some piano and light drumming, then goes to a sick bassy part. Listen through.

Breakfast – Chiddy Bang


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Finally we've got Chiddy Bang's take on the Gorillaz's latest single "Stylo". The first couple times I heard this track I didn't like it that much. After a couple listens I really do enjoy it. Once you cross the minute mark it starts getting better. Well listen all the way through before you judge this one. I wanna hear what your favorite song off this mixtape is, enjoy!

Stylo (Remix ft. Chiddy Bang) – Gorillaz


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