A Breath Of Fresh Air In Hip-Hop: Luke – The Dopeness [SICK FREE ALBUM]

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So everyone knows even under the hip-hop and rap umbrella there's a million different types of music. Well lately I have been posting a little more on the mainstream side of hip-hop tracks, and although they are sick, especially at parties, it's nice to to hear some music with some real meaning. His name is Luke, and he is a breathe of fresh air. You listen to the songs and they sound so well done and just sick. Luke 'O Brian and producer William Gale teamed up to make The Dopeness, one of the best free albums available. Inspired by the film The Wackness that came out a few years ago. I would go in depth on every track, but this is definitely one to just download the whole thing. Thanks jakeB for mentioning this guy to me. Grab the entire album and enjoy, I promise you won't regret it!

Click Here to Download The Entire The Dopeness Album in a .zip File Here

These Are My Favorite Tracks, All of These Are Too Sick

The Dopeness – Luke | Download


Understood – Luke | Download


The Real World – Luke | Download


Crossroad – Luke | Download


The Proof Is In The Pudding – Luke | Download