A.M.R Reflects on Human Connection with Sophomore Album ‘Familiar Faces’


Artists all have a muse for the music they create. For A.M.R, it’s his family and the simple joys of the human connection. His sophomore album, Familiar Faces, takes a deep dive into both, embodying the producer’s most vulnerable self-reflections.

Thoughtful, delicate, and highly emotive, Familiar Faces reminds the listener of the triumphs and tribulations of the human experience, allowing for a deeply reflective listening experience. A.M.R shares some of his most intricate arrangements to date, evoking highly specific feelings through his melodies. We encourage you to listen to the entire album to truly immerse yourself in this emotional journey as it was intended to be experienced.

A.M.R commented on the album, sharing:

Most of the tracks on this album naturally aligned with the album’s theme without any intention at all, and the title just made sense to me after taking a step back to understand and reflect on what this album really meant when put together. I couldn’t be happier with the way ‘Familiar Faces’ turned out, and I hope fans will share that excitement too when they hear it.

You can stream Familiar Faces at the link below, out everywhere via Monstercat Silk. Enjoy!

A.M.R – Familiar Faces