Japanese Rapper A.O. Shares Daydreamy New Single “It Never Ends”


We love finding obscure artists from other countries. Today’s hidden gem goes by the name of A.O., an underground rapper from Japan with an irresistible sound. The track that caught our hear is called “It Never Ends,” which features a charming but melancholy melodies on top of a boom-bap hip hop beat.

A.O. is not solely a rapper when it comes to his music career. He used to be the lead singer and main songwriter for the rock band called King For A Day. He launched his solo hip hop career in just 2019, but already is showing off some impressive work.

A.O.’s sound on “It Never Ends” is reminiscent of Shing02, the rapper who often worked with the late, legendary producer and DJ, Nujabes.

You can check out this neat little track below. Enjoy!

A.O. – It Never Ends