A-Trak & Wongo Are Kings of the “Groove Society” with Slick New House Hit

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A-Trak and Wongo. Separate, they’re two sultans of all things sizzlin’. Together, they become a titanic force capable of beats the likes of which the world has seldom seen. This dream team has arrived to set your speakers ablaze with a vigorous new single titled, “Groove Society,” and before you push play, make sure you have an abundance of room to dance.

Welcome to the “Groove Society,” where the tempos are fast, the bass is bold, and the four are on the floor. Dancing is encouraged (but let’s face it, actually irresistible), and water is free. Sync yourself with the beat and move that body like no tomorrow. All are welcome, let your freak flag fly and enjoy this moment and this groove to your heart’s content.

I’m not sure where I give my submission for house banger of the year, but let it be known that this is mine. Stream A-Trak and Wongo’s fiery new track, “Groove Society,” below. Enjoy!

A-Trak & Wongo – Groove Society