[PREMIERE] Newcomer Able Heart Delivers Must Hear Chill Electronic R&B Single “High”


Last month we introduced Philadelphia-based artist Able Heart to the TSIS community by premiering his debut single “Drugs”.  Now today, Able Heart is back with a follow up single “High” which solidifies his project as an exciting up-and-comer for whom we are paying close attention. “High” follows the same suite as “Drugs” as an emotional and compellingly laidback track with an extremely progressive sound. “High” is an incredible release from Able Heart that we cannot get enough of and that we are ecstatic to premiere.

The track sets a darker tone right away with various muffled sounds that abruptly snap into Able’s compelling vocals alongside powerful percussion, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention. Eventually being complimented by an impressive guitar solo, “High” is incredibly produced with intricate detail and precise sound design… Enjoy!

Able Heart – High