Adam Beyer Enters 2023 With Massive Techno Tune “Legend”


We love a good track title. We’ve seen em all at TSIS—sometimes descriptive, sometimes storytelling, sometimes downright absurd. In the case of Adam Beyer’s new single, we feel comfortable in saying the title is indicative of its future glory.

Legend” is expansive. “Legend” is epic. “Legend” is techno. It is audible invigoration and innovation, inspiring a higher state for all those that listen. An orchestra of synths creates heroic suspension and high-speed undulations all driven by the steady march of softened pads. This is more than music, it’s an experience.

This marks the Drumcode label boss’ first release of the year. Talk about starting off on the right foot. Stream Adam Beyer’s new single, “Legend” below. Enjoy! 

Adam Beyer – Legend