Adam Hinden Returns with Another Dreamy Lo-Fi Track “EZPASS”


Earlier this year we had the pleasure of discovering emerging producer Adam Hinden. Now he’s back with his second single of the year, a euphoric and ambient tune called “EZPASS”, this time recruiting fellow artist Nicholas Fellows.

For the first part of the song, we bounce along dreamy synth melodies, muted vocals floating weightlessly over a strobing bass. This is all extremely pleasant already, but then Hinden adds in an unexpectedly transcendent outro verse. The vibe of the song is completely elevated as he lets the synth choruses wash around us. There was already a nice electro drum rhythm going throughout the earlier part of the track, but now it transforms into a house groove. This is what I imagine a luxurious lounge in heaven sounds like.

Hinden keeps a pretty low profile, with few posts on his socials. There are not currently any mentions of future work coming, but we’re really hoping he keeps cranking out these tunes. You can check out “EZPASS” using the link below. Enjoy!

Adam Hinden – EZPASS (feat. Nicholas Fellows)